Deidrie Henry

Deidrie Henry or Deidrie Nicole Maria Henry is a popular actress of the film industry. She also has experience in aircrafts.

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Personal life

Deidrie Henry was born in Barbados but her birth date and birth year is not provided in his biography. Deidrie’s father was an employee in the air force so he was transferred a lot owing to his career. She has been to several places due to this reason and finally settled in Atlanta. Deidrie was only 10 years old when she left Barbados. Deidrie considered her father as her role model. She always wanted to fly high in the sky. Deidrie’s goal in life was to become a pilot. She grew up with this goal in her life and maintained the perfect figure and body fitness for that from childhood.

As Deidrie has already set her goal in life previously, she always tried to score good grades as she knew that would help her in shaping her career. Though she excelled in various cultural activities, she did not pay attention to it. Deidrie’s favourite activity was her daily fitness regime. Along with that, Deidrie also carried a great personality leading to which she received several proposals for a role in the modelling industry but she was not interested.

After completing her high school graduation, she went to the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University to pursue studies in Aeronautical Science. She has received a scholarship degree from the university which helped to receive training without paying any fees for it. Deidrie has achieved so much success in her professional career that it has almost overshadowed her personal life.


After completing her university education, Dirdrie always wanted to join the Eastern Airlines. Unfortunately, the license of the Eastern Airlines was cancelled and she had to change her path. Deidrie did not want to work with any other airlines so she gave up on her airlines career.

Deidrie’s mother advised her to pursue acting as she was aware about Deidrie’s cultural excellence. Deidrie joined a theatre in Atlanta but as there were no better facilities available in this field, she flew to New York. Deidrie’s dream was to work in the New York Film Academy but when she was not allowed in the university, for having no experience at all, she dropped the idea and moved to Oregon.

Deidrie went in a popular theatre stage in Oregon where she performed several plays and dramas, which helped her gain popularity and experience. Deidrie’s main focus was on Shakespeare. She also took several grooming training sessions to make herself presentable in front of the camera.

Deidrie was also doing modelling during this time and this fetched her, the chance to travel. She has been to several places during this time for doing photo shoots or television commercials. Deidrie’s hard work finally paid her off when she was starred in several movies. Deidrie has made a number of appearances which has not only increased her fame but has also added to her net worth.

09 Jan, 2018