Deena Cortese was born in the year 1987 and she is reality television personality of American citizenship. She appeared at MTV reality show called Jersey Shore since 2011 until 2012. She was born in the city of New Egypt in the township of Plumsted, in New Jersey. She is of Italian American parents. She graduated at New Egypt High school and attended Brookdale community college for some time. She has a sister called Joanie Maiorella and they have been together in some episodes of the Jersey Shore up to its season 5. She has not other siblings. She is a cast member of a reality TV series called Jersey Shore. She had auditioned for its season one but she did not take up the role so that she can be with her family.

However, MTV approached her again when Angelina Pivarnick stopped to play after the second Season. She was suggested by Snooki to be her replacement. Afterwards, she joined a cast of the Season 3 that filmed the Seaside Heights in the New Jersey. During the year 2013, while on live FitnessRX for Men broadcast, Angelina Pivarnick challenged Deena Nicole Cortese, Jennifer Farley and Nicole Snooki Polizzi for a celebrity boxing.

Deena Cortese got arrested in the year 2012 because of disorderly conduct while at Seaside Heights in New Jersey. She refused to go away from the street and to use a sidewalk. She pleaded guilty and paid 106 dollars as a fine.

From her biography, after the show, Deena Cortese had now moved on and she had realized that the fame she got after MTV reality Drama was only short lived. Now she wants to return to the real world. However, she says that the transition process had been easy. She has a wild personality both on the show and in real life. She said that people over judged her when they saw her on the television for the first time.

She was not that famous before she joined the show and she was not satisfied with her job when she was working as dental assistant while she does not like also studying too much. After sometime, people started to call her that she was just another spoiled child from Jersey show and she ignored these criticisms and choose to be famous since it was something that she could not avoid.

The show was encouraging its cast to be dramatic and narcissistic. As any other member of the cast, she has a large follower up on the social media because of the exposure she got. She has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Since she had increased popularity on the social network sites, she has turned into a media entrepreneur. She has her T-shirts line, Jewelry and hair products sold at Her net worth is 1 million dollars. She still lives with her mother in the city of New Jersey.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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