Debra Ades is an Australian actress who has been able to make a special impact both in television and the big screen. She is young, attractive, and hot and within a very short span of time, she has been able to make a name of herself in the highly competitive acting and entertainment industry.

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Since there is no biography of hers available it would be difficult to know much about her personal life. However, she has experience in a diverse range of roles and this includes some memorable web series apart from television and films. She also has taken part in many music videos and commercials. She has the chance and opportunity to work for some memorable films and we will be looking at the same over the next few lines.

Personal Life

Nothing much about her personal life or early life is known and this perhaps she would like to keep the information private and would not like to share it in the public domain. However, are fans are keen on knowing more about her life and someday it might be available for their information. However, there is one thing clear and it is the fact that she still continues to remain single and is not married. There are some sketchy details which tell us that after she graduated from high school, she got into the film world because of her stunning looks and her acting skills.

Net Worth

Her net worth is exactly not known but according to experts it must be quite a bit because of her association with films, television serials, commercials, music videos and web videos.


Though she is very young in age, she already has worked in tow major feature films, Max Max: Fury Road and Newcastle. She had experience in action, drama and comedy and this helped her to get a role in the famous and award winning film Hello Forever. This film won recognition at the Houston International Film Festival in 2014. Her career building was helped a lot because of George Miller who helped her in her character development.

Apart from films she also has experience in working for a few web series and also television commercials and music videos. She has done the lead role in The Newtown Girls, which is an Australian Web Series and which has more than two million views on YouTube alone

09 Jan, 2018