Deborra Lee

Deborra-Lee Furness, born on 30th November 1955 in Perth, Australia, has been a producer and actress. She has won the Film Critics Circle of Australia Award. She became particularly famous for her performances in such TV series and movies as Angel Baby, Fire, The Humpty Dumpty Man, Shame, Blessed, and Sleep Walking. She is 5’ and 7” in height, and the color of her hair is blonde. The color of her eyes is brown.

She began her career in the tinsel world from 1975. Deborra-Lee Furness is also known for her being the wife of famous actor Hugh Jackman. She is fearless and outspoken in matters, particularly of children and women’s rights.

Personal Life

She is a private person to a very great extent as much is not known about her personal life. However, it is known that she took birth in Perth, but spent her early life in Melbourne. Her nationality, as well as ethnicity, is Australian. She is born to Fay Duncan, mother, but the name of her father is not on record. Nothing is known regarding her brothers and sisters as well.

Deborra-Lee Furness is married. She has married Hugh Jackman, a famous actor, on 11th April 1996. They had met for the first time while performing in the Australian television show named Correlli in the year 1995. Unfortunately, she had to suffer two miscarriages, and so decided to adopt a child.

Accordingly, they adopted a male child named Oscar Maximillian in the year 2000. They also adopted another child, a female one named Ava Eliot in the year 2005. There is nothing on record regarding her having some extra-marital affairs. There is no rumor either of any separation move. She has been leading a happy married life ever since her marriage in 1996. Tinsel world is known for separation and divorces, but in her case, it is otherwise. She has not divorced her husband as yet, and there is no tumor doing the rounds in this regard.


As for her career, she has been in the show business world since 1975, and she is not a spent force as yet. She started her career in the tinsel world in the year 1975 with a small role in a TV series entitled Division 4. Before this, she had briefly appeared on stage in New York, USA. After Division 4 in which she performed in Australia, she acted in several TV series. It was in 1985 that she first acted in a movie named Crossover Dreams in which she had a small role.

She acted in both TV series and films and became famous. She became particularly famous in 1988 when acted in a movie called Shame. She has acted in a number of films since then, and some of those include Sleepwalking, Voyager, Blessed, Beautiful, Celia, and The Last of the Finest. She further acted in a TV series entitled Fire in which she performed the role of Dolores Kennedy. She got nominated for a number of best actress awards. As per her biography, her net worth is estimated at $10 million.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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