Debby Clarke

Debby Clarke is a famous personality who is mostly known to the media through her marriage with Bill Belichick. Though the couple have got divorced, it is still a very controversial matter of the media. She is better known to the media as the ex wife of Bill Belichick and the mother of his children as we could derive from her biography.

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As far as her personal life is concerned, Debby Clarke was born in Italy to her Irish parents. She belongs from the white ethnicity. She is the younger child of her parents. Her father was an efficient employee in the government office of Italy. Her mother worked as an assistant librarian. She belonged from an upper middle class family. Her family had great contacts in the glamour industry and also in the administrative level.

Debby went to a very popular school and belonged from a very good friend circle. As a child, she had good leadership qualities and was also the monitor of her class. She was also very brilliant in studies and always came first in her class. Her parents took a lot of pride about their daughter regarding her all round excellence. Besides that, she also took great interest in sports and cultural activities. She was the captain of the basketball team of her school. She has appeared in several basketball tournaments. She has even played in the state level championship tournaments and has brought trophies and honours for her school.

Debby was also a very good dramatist and has performed several plays during her school time. She has even made several appearances in the annual function of her school. Though she was very good in drama, she never thought of stepping into the glamour industry. Her parents have always supported her in every decisions of her life and have encouraged her.

She wanted to make career with her passion of literature. She even developed a passion for writing during her university years. She completed a major in English literature from the university. She used to write poems and articles for many magazines. She was even awarded with many certifications and awards for her excellent grades. She has even received scholarships for her further studies due to her consistently good grades.

Debby Clarke met her future husband Billy Belichick in an educational conference. They found an opportunity to talk and began their relationship. The couple dated each other for a long time. Before they decided to announce the news in the media, they found it out. It became one of the controversial news of the media. It was the first time when she first came in the spotlight of the media.

After dating each other for five years, they tied the knot. They only invited some of their friends and close relatives to their wedding ceremony. The social networking sites were filled with the pictures of their wedding ceremony. They were also blessed with three children. They started their married life with a vow to stay together forever but their relationship did not last long. The couple got divorced after some years of their marriage.

31 Dec, 2017