Db Woodside

DB Woodside is known worldwide as a popular actor of the industry. He is popular for film appearances. He has imparted many major characters, which has fetched him a number of awards.

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DB Woodside who is originally known as David Bryan Woodside was born in the year 1969 on July 25. He was born in Amaica, Queens, New York. He was born to his American parents and grew up with his three siblings. He was very close to his siblings. Both his parents were into business and remained busy most of the time. He never got the chance to spend time with his parents and thus, she has spend most of his childhood days with his siblings, cousins and grandparents. He and his siblings used to visit his grandparents during his vacation.

Woodside considered his grandmother to be his best friend. He used to share everything with his grandmother and valued her even more than his parents. When he was nine years old, grandmother passed away. It was a great blow for him as he had lost the most important person of his life. Woodside got involved in many cultural activities to keep himself away from depression. It was then when he started developing interest towards acting. He initially joined the theatre group of his school.

Soon, Woodside became very famous in the school for his acting skills. He has also been involved in various affairs during the teenage years of his life. When he was in high school, he joined a popular theatre group. He has appeared in many plays of Shakespeare when he was involved with this theatre group. This was the turning point of his life, which paved his path to the acting industry more strong.

After finishing his high school education, he stepped into the modelling industry. He possessed a very good physique, which helped him to earn popularity in the glamour world easily. He got his first break in the film industry in the year 1996. He was first seen in the third season of the popular television series Murder One. After this, he starred in many popular films like Seance, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Monk and many more.

01 Feb, 2018