David Henrie

Born as David Shea Henne, David Henne is a reasonably famous American actress, known for his good looks and has been able to script a success story that is pretty decent in a highly demanding and tough industry. There is nothing much known about his date of birth and other personal details. Therefore, it may not be possible to have an accurate biography written about him.

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What we will be doing is have a look at some basic information about the career and achievements of David Henne rather than talking too much about the personal achievements and ways of life. He gained popularity and fame for the various charismatic characters which he has been able to bring on screen. We will try and find out as much information as possible about his other areas of life apart from his acting achievements.

Early Life & Personal Life

Nothing much is known about David’s early life but it is believed that he is originally from Arlington in Texas. However, because of various reasons he now lives in Los Angeles, California. He is qualified and has a bachelor degree in Fine Arts in Theatre and David Henne has got this from Midwestern State University. It would also be pertinent to mention that he attended and completed his graduation under scholarship and this goes to prove that he was a good student apart from being a born actor too.

As far as Henne’s personal life goes there is nothing much available and it is believed that he must be into some relationships but the details of which are not available. There is also not much of information about his marriage, affairs, children and other details. David Henne would perhaps like to keep the information secret and therefore unless some information is forthcoming nothing much can be done.


As far as the current year is concerned, David Henne is co starring in a horror film named “Was Live” and it will be premiered during the later part of this year. It is expected that the premiere will be held in Texas. The career of Henne took off in the right direction with the famous film RIP and which won critical acclaim across 39 film festivals across the world. This included the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. He worked alongside famous names like Marilyan Ghiglotti, Ammie Leonards and Naomi Grossman. He did a wonderful role as Roman and this won him the best actor award at the Houston Comedy Film Festival.

Apart from being reasonably successful on the big screen, David Henne has made his presence felt in the stage acting field too. He has acted in some famous roles including the role of Claudio in Much Ado About Nothing of Shakespeare. His play Cold Fusion actually did create quite a bit of buzz in the Hollywood Fringe Festival in the year 2015.

Net Worth:

There are no reliable sources of information as far as the actual Net worth of David Henne is concerned. This again is perhaps because David wants to keep this a secret because of various personal reasons.

17 Feb, 2018