Dave Galafassi was born in early 60s in Australia. His exact date of birth is not available at this time, which is why his exact age also cannot be stated with assurance. There is no any information about his childhood and family. He has been interested in music since his teen age period. He took a drum lesson and tried himself as a drummer in different beginner Australian bands. He was very passionate and serious in his dreams and at the early time he was planning to start his music career and there is no information about his education.

He started his career as a musician in early 90s. Currently, he is a drummer in his wife’ band “Toni Collette & the Finish”. Toni and Dave started their project “Finish” in the middle of 2010s. In the 2006 they released debut album, which was titled “Beautiful Awkward Pictures”. In the same year he was involved in televised performance at the Sydney Opera House for the MAX Sessions, which his band provided for the Foxtel Max station.

Their single songs “Beautiful Awkward Pictures” and “Look Up” was very popular in Australian and “Finish” band even appeared on the Australian leg of the Live Earth concert in Sydney, which was in the middle of the 2007. During the recent years, his group is not so active unlike 2005-2007, since that time all the musicians also participate in other projects or lead their own solo career, including Dave's wife, who is focused on her successful acting career. Despite this fact, Dave is taking some part as a drummer in several rock bands in Australia.

In the 2013 he joined the cast of the comedy-drama movie “Lucky Them”, which was directed by Megan Griffiths and released on May 30, 2014. He played the secondary role of Club Drummer. His wife had the main role along with Johnny Depp and Thomas Haden Church.

In his free time from tours and studio work, David spends a lot with his children and wife. Despite the fact that he is ambitious man, as he said, he perfectly combines career and family. Dave and his spoce recently had a little controversy when the couple was ordered to pay large amount of $602,5 thousands over property dispute matter. They had a deal in a local court against Nick and Susan Kelly, who sued Dave and Toni for $815 thousand dollars with adding interest and land tax.

He is married to singer Antonia “Toni” Collete. They met each other in 2002. The couple tied their married knot on January 11, 2003. The couple with such strong bonding is pretty far away from divorce and further separation phase. They already have two children, which was named Sage Florence (born 2008) and Arlo Robert (born 2011). There is no information about his previous relationship. Dave and Toni often appear together at various public events, there are many photos with them on the red carpet festivals. His net worth is unknown yet. Currently, he resides in Sydney with his wife and soulmate Toni.