29 years old Daren Maxwell Kagasoff is an American actor. He was born on 16 September 1987. Kagasoff is well known for the role of Ricky Underwood, which he played for the teen drama series The Secret Life of the American Teenager on the ABC Family for five years i-e (2008-2013).

Early life

Kagasoffwas born in Encino, California, to a diamond merchant named Barry Kagasoff and Elise Kagasoff (nee Levy). Kagasoff including himself are three brothers and sisters; he is in middle, his big brother is Justin and younger sister is Natalie. Kagasoff has mainly Russian Jewish heritage.


In 2005 Kagasoff graduated from Montclair Preparatory High school. He played for the baseball team of the school. San Francisco State University was the institution where while studying Kagasoff decided to be an actor.


After making mind up to be an actor Kagasoff headed back to Los Angeles, there he got the lead role of Tim in Suburbiaproduction. After the role Kagasoff studied acting thoroughly and started giving the auditions for television and films roles. At the very starting of the auditions Kagasoff was hand-picked for the character as Ricky in the ABC family Series “The Secret Life of The American Teenager” produced by Brenda Hampton. The show had five seasons which ended up after five years after hitting the 100 episodes and making the history on the television. After the closing of the show Kagasoff closed the chapter with the ABC Family.

Kagasoff then opened a new chapter as a male lead in the Fox Pilot Deliriumbeen casted as Alex in February 2013, he continued to strengthen his career in demand, he co-starred in the film Ouija as Trevor, the film was based on Hasbro Board Game, directed by Stiles White and was released in October 2014. Kagasoff also had given the guest appearance in the Dark CBS series, “Stalker”. In year 2014 kagasoff became the part of the cast of the Red Band Society a comedy series on Fox, which was run for a year 2014-2015 and was created by Margaret Nagle. The series though popular but just on aired for one season and then was cancelled.

Secrets about Kagasoff life:

· Kagasoff is a person who always fights back, on one Halloween night some boys egged his car so he punched back.

· Dating with the high school girlfriend for two years, the durability undoubtedly means the true love, but Kagasoff never gave up his grades for girls.

· Kagasoff has had his first smooch at the age of thirteen; he admits that a lady always wants to be with a man who is a good kisser.

· Though Kagasoff himself is very popular yet he has crush like a non celeb, Daren has crush on Kate Winslet

· Kagasoff has a unique taste in women, he likes to be with a lady who is wise and gives Daren his space.

Spare time activities

In his spare time Kagasoff go surfing or golfing in his place of residence, Southern California, here he is lives with his loyal mate, Kidy.


Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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