Dan Abrams is an American TV host who is famous for ABC News’ 60 Days In. He is also an author, web entrepreneur and legal commentator.

Personal life

Dan was born in a Jewish family. His father is Floyd Abrams, attorney. He was born in 1966 in New York City. He did his graduation in Columbia Law School. He dated Florinka Pesenti of The Amazing Race 3 for a while and has a son with her. He now lives with Pesenti and his son. Though they have been dating since 2002, they have not still got married. They met each other during a party in 2009 through a mutual friend. They had met each other several time in career front and Dan failed to recognize her.

Since Pesenti was just out of a serious relationship, they started taking it slow and they dated other people for a while as they kept their friendship growing. She stated that Dan is not a relationship person. When she got pregnant with his child, they planned on started an almost husband and wife relationship in the same house for the sake of their child. There was news that Dan was battling with testicular cancer. After many years, he spoke out in public about his battle with cancer and educated young men about the disease.

Prior to meeting her, Dan was dating Elisabeth Rohm for a few years. He got engaged to her and they lived together in a house in Hamptoms that was jointly owned. In 2005, he broke up with her for unknown reasons. Neither Elisabeth nor Dan came up to the media to talk about their separation. Dan was never a part of any affair or was never known to have cheated Elisabeth. His relationship with Pesenti is going smooth as of now without any rumors of separation.

Dan was again in limelight for an ugly feud with his neighbor. He sued them for 2 million dollars since their renovation was blocking his renovations for two years. Further details of the case are not known to the media.


Dan worked as a reporter in Court TV in 1990s. He left the Court TV in 1997 and joined NBC News where he became the Chief Legal Correspondent. He started hosting his show in MSNBC in 2001. He became the general manager of MSNBC in 2006 and stayed in the position for one year and left it to concentrate on his show, Live with Dan Abrams. In 2008, Dan went on with his additional duties in NBC and left the show.

In 2011, Dan left NBC and became the Chief Legal Analyst of ABC News. He also worked as a substitute anchor in Good Morning America. He also contributes to The View. In 2009, he launched a news site on the internet and is now one of the top 20 blogs in the country with 7 million visitors per month.

In the same year, he launched another site, media watchdog for celebrity gossip. This site attracts more than 4 million unique viewers every month. He then created a lot of sites including Geekosystem, SportsGrid, Styleite, The Mary Sue, LawNewz and many others. He also writes for online magazines like Huffington Post, Mediate and others. He also owns a restaurant in TriBeca. He has also starred in a few movies like Nothing But The Truth of 2008 and $ellebrity of 2012. He is pretty active in Twitter. His net worth is 23 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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