Crowley Sullivan

From Wikipedia, Crowley Sullivan is not only a renowned TV producer but also a great team leader having held the position of a Vice President of Programming and Acquisition at ESPN. This claim is substantiated by the fact that Crowley currently works at MandtVR, a media company, as both the General Manager and Executive Vice President. Some of Sullivan’s production works include Shoot the Clock: Fitting Your Life Into Your Life as well as The Amazing Science of Sports.

Personal Life

Crowley Sullivan is a handsome American-born TV producer whose pictures are available on different blogs on the Internet. Although not active on Instagram, Sullivan’s recent tweets can be followed on his Twitter handle @rcsullivan435. As far as social networking is concerned, Crowley is active on these social platforms. According to Crowley’s biography, he graduated in 1993 from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

The marital status of the former ESPN network director is married. Crowley’s wife, Kit Hoover, is not only a sportscaster but also a TV personality. Crowley and Hoover have three children which means they are among America’s celebrity parents. The names of Crowley’s and Kit’s children are Hayes Hoover, Campbell Hoover, and Crowley Sullivan Jr. The elder kid, Hayes, was born in 2004, Campbell, on the other hand, was born in 2005 while Sullvan Jr came to the world in 2009.

The couple resides in California, U.S. from where they enjoy their euphoric lifestyle. Despite leading a busy life due to his TV career, Crowley never fails to be the father and husband he is supposed to be. The Internet is, at times, graced with photos of the family relaxing at the beach either during weekends or on holidays. Sullivan’s net worth is unrevealed, but that of his wife is approximated to be $2 million. The couple’s joyous marriage life does not allow room for divorce speculations or rumors of either of the couple in extra-marital affairs.

Career Life

Initially, Crowley was a brokerage clerk at Bertucci, Ward, Coy, Inc. For four years, Crowley competently served the brokerage firm before parting ways with the institution and joining Lucky Duck Productions Company. At this company, Sullivan was assigned the role of a production assistant and served with commitment until 1997. After leaving Lucky Duck Productions Company, Crowley landed an associate producer job at ESPN network, a position he held for about 3 years.  

At the dawn of 2000, Crowley’s producing career started at Major League Baseball Productions. But his stay at the productions company only lasted for 11 months before making his way back to ESPN in 2001. In the sports network, Sullivan was the Director Business Development. A year later, Crowley became the Director of Programming & Acquisitions. After another promotion, he was now the network’s Vice President.

In 2012, he started Sullivan Productions but closed it later on. He has 2 Emmy Awards. But aside from his 15-year experience in production, Crowley is a writer as well. In collaborating with his colleagues and friends, Cowley has authored myriads of books including The Dimensions of Physical Education in 2011.