Cristy Caserta

Cristy Caserta was a contestant of The Bachelor, an ABC show but she died when she was only 38 years old when she suffered a seizure. She was among the contestant of the show in its fifteenth season. Her sudden death was followed by tribute and heartfelt homage.

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Cristy Caserta died in the Plantation in Florida in the year 2018. The reasons behind her death are an enlarged heart with an overactive thyroid. The autopsy reports show that she died because of hyperthyroidism and cardiomegaly.

Cristy Caserta died after falling on a desk and was attending a class at Sunrise in Florida. Her companions called 911 and an emergency team came and performed the CPR. She was taken to the Westside Regional Medical Center and such accidental incident lead to her death. Her death was confirmed under Broward County’s Office of The Medical Examiner and Trauma Services. Enlarged heart is a result of the heart which pumps harder or the damage of the heart muscle. The hyperthyroidism takes place when the thyroid gland starts to produce a high level of thyroxine which lead to irregular or rapid heartbeat and unintentional weight loss because of accelerated metabolism in the body.

During the contestant, she was with Ashley Spivey and Emily Maynard. All contestants paid tribute to her. Emily said that together with Cristy, they formed a relationship which was special and it was an experience that she cannot relate to any other person.


From her biography, Cristy Caserta was born under the name of Cristy Lyn Caserta, in the city of Florida in United States. She is an American by nationality and of white ethnicity. She worked like an attorney of a healthcare staffing agency. She appeared on 15th Season of ABC Show and this is where she became famous.

Career, net worth

It is believed that Cristy Caserta made enough money by working as an attorney since in average, an attorney makes 82, 236 dollars each year and this means that Cristy was able to make enough money as a net worth while growing up. During the time she was The Bachelor, she was competing to get a chance to date Brad Womack, who got the chance of getting love on this show two times. However, she got eliminated in just one week of this show. In the show, Emily Maynard was the winner but the relationship did not last too long since they split with Brad in few months of the engagement. Emily said that she was her special friend and that she continues to play for her friends and family. For Ashley, she said that she was kindest person that she ever met at the show and she continued to be her friend even after the show. She was known to be beautiful, funny and smart. She is going to be deeply missed with friends and family.

Married, divorce, husband

There is no record that she was married, had divorce nor had children.

25 Feb, 2019