Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson is known to the world as a popular actor. He is also famous as a comedian as well as a talented singer.

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Craig Robinson was born in the year 1971 on October 25th. He was born in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. He was born too his Irish parents and has spent most of his childhood years in South Side of Chicago. He grew up in a upper middle class family with his siblings. His father worked as a corporate attorney and his mother was a music teacher in a school.

As his mother was a music teacher, there were always the essence of music at home. He learnt music from his mother at the age of three years only. As a child, Craig used to stammer a lot. The actor could not even talk properly for which he had to hear many taunts and from his elementary school friends. He hardly had any friends, due to this reason. But Craig kept practising singing, which helped him to recover from her habit of stammering soon.

When Craig started going to middle school, he has fully recovered from stammering. When his mother was transferred to Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, he also joined the same high school and finally graduated from there.

Besides being a great music enthusiast, he possessed great sense of humour. He used to make everyone laugh by cracking jokes and though his stand up comedies. He was very popular in his high school, due to his unique sense of humour. His mother always wanted him to become a music teacher like her. Craig went to the Illinois State University to pursue his bachelor's education and after that, completed his masters education from Saint Xavier University. Robinson also completed his education in music.

Though Craig was very passionate towards acting, he initially started his profession with music. He was appointed at the Horace Mann Elementary School as a music teacher but as time passed by, he realised that he was not enjoying his profession.

After an year, he left the job and started doing stand up comedies. He also joined a popular theatre group of the town. Robinson took the basic stage training which was required for stepping into the film industry. In the year 2005, Craig began his television career. He appeared in the American television series The Office. After gaining popularity from the television series, he was seen in many other television roles. He appeared in many other popular television which not only added to his fame and net worth but has also increased his popularity worldwide.

17 Feb, 2018