Clive Muir is the actor known to play in Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and in Tanisha Gets Married. Tanisha Thomas from Bad girl got married to Clive Muir who was his long time boyfriend but they are no long together.

When they got married, Tanisha had a hard time trying to put her future husband on the camera since he is shy. However, Tanisha who is a reality star was able to persuade Clive in broadcasting the entire wedding on the television. Clive met with Tanisha in the year 2005, and she was convinced that she will have his childhood dream of having the perfect wedding at the time that Clive proposed.

Tanisha had wished to have a perfect wedding from the time she was five years and it was going to be true at her 26 years old. However, what she thought did not happen and their wedding was about to be turned into the funeral.

Tanisha said that everything was a lot of stress. The wedding was about to be turned into the funeral because of having Flo Kaja and Natalie Nunn together at the wedding party. This is because Flo and Natalia are known to have the biggest feud in the history of Bad Girls. They decided to fight and Tanisha tried to separate them but in the end, everything got caught on camera and she regretted having called them.

Clive Muir separated with his wife just few days after the wedding because of the fights that took place between them. The marriage failed to be on the track at the time they were on their show Tanisha Gets Married. Trying to repair their short lived relationship, together with her husband, they decided to join the Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars but they were not able to save their marriage and it ended in a divorce in the year 2014.

Clive is any other normal person and he was working at the grocery store. He was not happy with the open lifestyle of Tanisha and this is the reason they failed to work everything out. Tanisha said that everything was not easy since she was in the public eye and she liked to move around. Clive was working in the grocery store where he was a stock person and everything was overwhelming to him.

When Tanisha was offered to be a host of the Crazy Talk, she decided to be healthy and fit. This is when she was searching the motivation that was much needed. She talked to a doctor about the weight loss programs she can use and a doctor put her on the high protein liquid diet that she had to take for three months. The diet showed the magic in just one week. Clive Muir biography is not easily found online but that of his ex wife is. They are not parents since they have no children. His net worth is not recorded.