Cindy Sampson

Canadian Cindy Sampson is an actress who has worked in several films and TV series American as well as Canadian.

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Cindy Sampson’s Age

Sampson is currently 40 years old. She was born on 27th May 1978 and is a Gemini. She was born in the Canadian town of Halifax in Nova Scotia. Her full name is Cindy Marie Sampson. Her parents are divorced but maintain a cordial relationship.

Cindy Sampson’s Career

Sampson got her big break while she was a sixteen years old high school student. Her debut was in 1989 TV series Street Cents where she played the character Cindy Ewakniuk. The show went on to receive several awards. Sampson went on to work for over thirty projects. Sampson played the character of Zoe Ravena in the television film Live Once, Die Twice, which co-starred Kellie Martin and Martin Cummins. Sampson also starred in the horror film The Shrine (2010) and The Factory (2013), a crime thriller. Sampson also appeared on the much famous show Supernatural in eleven episodes spanning over season three to season six. Interestingly, she did not play the character she auditioned for, instead, she played the role of Lisa Braeden who had a relationship with the lead character, Dean Winchester. Sampson is currently seen in the Canadian tv series Private Eyes since 2016, portraying the role of Angie Everette.

Cindy Sampson’s Look

Sampson is five feet and seven inches (5’7”) and has black eyes. Cindy has an attractive oval face and her best feature has to be her lop-sided smile which could win anyone over. She has a slim figure.

Cindy Hairstyle

Sampson is a natural brunette. Currently, she is seen sporting shoulder-length curled hair with brown highlights on the bottom and parted blunt bangs. She does not shy away from trying new hairstyles every now and then. Before the current hairstyle, her shoulder-length hair fell in waves and even before that, she had a few inches longer, wavy hair and did not have bangs.

Cindy Sampson’s Makeup

Sampson does not use makeup. Instead, she uses it to enhance her natural beauty. Her makeup is always light and pleasing. With no eyeshadow, pastel-colored matte lipstick with mascara and eyeliner, she looks young. On the first Halloween after marriage, she dressed as a blood-sucking nurse with blood running down her chin and neck, while her husband accompanied her dressed as a blood-sucking doctor.

Cindy Sampson’s Photos

Sampson is nothing if not photogenic. The camera simply loves her. She posts beautiful photos of herself and friends and family on her Instagram account quite frequently. At the time of writing this article, she is seven followers short of having 10k followers on Instagram. Her photos can also be seen at her husband’s Instagram account, on which the couple initially announced their marriage.

When Did Cindy Sampson Get Married?

Sampson got engaged to Ryan Wickel after about a year of dating in July 2015. She announced it to the world through her Instagram account @cinnnysam on a post of 27th July 2015. The post read “Off the market. Mrs. Wickel!! Oh dear...what an amazing life :)))”. The post was accompanied with the selfie of the newly engaged happy couple. Sampson and Wickel eloped on 7th July 2016 in the Valley of Fire in Las Vegas.

Cindy Sampson’s Husband

Sampson’s husband is Ryan Wickel. Wickel is an Interior Designer. He owns a firm called the Davenue Home Improvements and is based in Toronto, Canada. He is not shy when it comes to showing love for his better half and is often seen accompanying her to formal and informal events. The couple is enjoying in the marital bliss. It is not known if they are planning to have a child in the near future.

07 Feb, 2019