Christopher Rich

Christopher Rich was born in the year 1953 in the city of Dallas in Texas. He spent most of her time in this city. He is of white ethnicity and he is of American nationality. While growing up, he was interested more in acting as a career. To reach to where he is known, he had to struggle too much.

Christopher Rich went to University of Texas and this is where he got masters degree in Theater Arts of Cornell University. He came to the limelight in the year 1981, because of his role in the Another World, when he was Sandy Cory.

Afterwards, he starred in different TV series and movies. He appeared in the 19 episodes of Charmings where he was Eric Charming. He also appeared in Murphy Brown where he played as Milller Redfield. He also appeared in Empty Nest, Back Again, To Riverdale and Archie. He has been seen in other movies like Nash Bridges, Renegade, Mr & Mrs Smith, Babylon 5 and Brisco Country. He is a successful actor and many fans want to see even more of him.

Christopher Rich did not date many women. He met his future wife when he was in the set of Another World. His wife is Nancy Frangione and they got married in the year 1982. The two adopted a child called Mariet Rich and because of dispute, they divorced in 1996. Rich had an affair with Ewa Jesionowska in the year 1985 and they got married in the year 2003. Ewa was a gymnast and she participated in the Summer Olympics that took place in Moscow. The two gave birth to twins, one named Daisy and the other one Lily. Now they have three children and they are happy together. By now, there are no reports of any divorce or any problem between the couple.

For his personal life, Rich is now 62 years old and he is tall of 6 feet with 1 inches. He gained weight now and his net worth is believed to be 15 million dollars. Rich together with his daughters, they appeared in two seasons for Polish Reality TV series called Zony Hollywood which is based on the franchise of the Real Housewives and his wife was among the stars.

According to Christopher Rich’s biography, he become to be well known when he played the dim-witted anchorman called Miller Refield at Murphy Brown. He enjoyed a successful career in Theater, film and television. Rich started to perform while in high school, at Rio Grande Valley. He was urged by his teacher to join acting because of his rowdy tendencies. He continued with acting and studied acting. When he joined acting career, he started by performing on stage of Broadway. Besides acting, Christopher Rich likes to collect fine wines, to play golf and to read books.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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