Christine Brown

According to Christine’s IMDB bio, she is one of Kody Brown’s wives although not legally married. The couple has six children. On Instagram, Christine has over 30,000 followers. Her fame makes you think she has been on movies and TV shows simultaneously. However, Christine is popular among American TV audiences for her cast in TLC’s Sister Wives, a reality TV show.

As discussed later, the Sister Wives show is plotted on a follow up of Kody Brown’s polygamous marriage with Robyn, Meri, Janelle and Christine. The show’s first season documented the courting and marriage life of Brown and Robyn Sullivan, his fourth wife. Since Kody divorced Meri, his first legal wife, he got legally married to Robyn so as to legally adopt Robyn’s three children in December 2014. 

Personal Life

Christine Brown’s biography has it that the reality TV star was born in Wyoming and is 45 years of age. Christine’s siblings and parents are not popularly known. Being the third wife of her husband, Kody Brown, an advertising salesman, Christine is part of a family of 18 kids combined together from Kody’s four wives. However, of the 18 kids, Christine’s children are only six including Aspyn, Truely, Mykelti, Ysabel, Gwendolyn and Paedon.

It is not all surprising as to why Christine would opt for a polygamous marriage. It is said that Christine was brought up in a family that was polygamous and therefore, to her, the concept of a man with many wives is nothing new or absurd. However, Christine, in one instance, termed her relationship with both her sister wives and Kody as being “dwindling.” As such, Christine was reportedly considering divorce, but it seems as if they worked things out.

Apart from Christine, her other sister wives, particularly Robyn and Meri also grew in polygamous family. It is only Janelle who has encountered the experience of a polygamous life for the first time due to her marriage with Kody. Brown’s polygamous family is part of the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB).


After moving to Las Vegas, Christine partnered with Janelle, her sister wife, and ventured into real estate as an agent. However, her popularity is attributed to her appearance on the famous reality TV show titled Sister Wives. The series premiered on TLC on September 26, 2010 and documents patriarch Kody Brown’s polygamist family, which includes his 18 children and his four wives. At the time the series was beginning, the family was residing in Lehi, Utah. However, at present, the series is shot from their Las Vegas residence. Although Christine’s net worth is unrevealed, the Brown’s earned about $50,000 each episode.

According to Kody, the show is aimed at raising more awareness as it relates to polygamous families thereby going a long way in obliterating societal-based prejudices. Although among all the wives Kody is in a legal marriage with only one woman, he believes there is nothing illegal with his polygamist arrangement. In fact, he terms his other three marriages as being mere spiritual unions. However, the polygamous family has been under investigations that may bring about a prosecution.