Cheryl Rossum

Cheryl Rossum  Bio, age, career, net worth, married

Cheryl Rossum is a well known corporate photographer who hails from the country of the United States of America. Cheryl Rossum is extremely popular and under the intense spotlight of the media due to her daughter, Emmy Rossum. Emmy Possum is a well-known Actress, popular singer, and a songwriter. 

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Cheryl Rossum was born in Scarsdale, in the state of New York, in the country of the United States of America, thereby making her a citizen of the country by virtue of her birth, according to her biography. She was raised in Scarsdale itself and spent the early years of her life there before settling in the city of Manhattan. 

Cheryl Rossum’s partner is not known to the media, she neither married him nor spoke about him publicly. Emmanuelle “Emmy” Rossum is the only daughter that Cheryl Rossum has. Emmy was born to Cheryl on the 12th of September, in the year 1986. Cheryl Rossum is a practicing Jew, who is of Russian-Jewish descent. According to Emmy and Cheryl, Emmy’s father is a Protestant who is of Dutch and English ancestry. 

However, Cheryl Rossum raised her daughter as a practicing Jew, who has publicly stated that Cheryl instilled Jewish code of morals and ethics in her. Cheryl Rossum chose to name her daughter after her grandfather, who was named Emmanuel. The Rossum’s are closely related to popular designer Vera Wang. Cheryl Rossum has never been married, hence the question of a divorce doesn’t arise. 

Through her working years as a corporate photographer, Cheryl Rossum had to travel frequently and being a single mother she’d have to put her daughter under the care of a nanny. 


Cheryl Rossum Career and net worth

Cheryl Rossum has publicly described herself as “a fine art photographer working across a broad range of genres.” People who have worked with her have described her as a talented photographer who delivers work of high quality, much like the ones anybody would see at a museum.

Cheryl Rossum is a graduate of the Barnard College. She has 2 degrees, with one of them being in the field of literature and the other being a degree in the field of art history. Initially, in her career, she worked as a photographer for the well known Metropolitan Museum of Art.

During her stint there she worked with some of the most prominent countries across the globe, such as Mobil Oil, Northrop, The New York Stock Exchange, and Apple Computer. It was her work in the field of Industrial Photography that revolutionized the field and made it a fine art that appealed to both the genders. 

Cheryl Rossum has enjoyed a successful career and she has won many awards, notably the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers. Details about her net worth are unknown.

25 Nov, 2018