Cheryl Madsen

Cheryl Madsen is a well known actress. She is more known through the popularity of her siblings who are also known to be very popular personalities of the glamour industry and who has a lot of fans.

Personal life

Cheryl Madsen was born in the United States in Illinois. She was born as the first daughter of Calvin Madsen and Elaine Madsen. She grew up with her younger sister and brother. Cheryl holds an American nationality and belongs from a very popular family background. Cheryl’s mother is a very talented author and she has received several recognitions for her writing. Cheryl’s father was a fire fighter. She was very proud of her parents and wanted to be like them in the future.

Cheryl was only nine years old when her parents got divorced. Her mother was involved in an extra marital affair, which led to daily quarrels and soon, they decided to part their ways. Cheryl and her siblings moved on with her mother and had to start living with their step father, August Turk. Her mother got divorced and got into a relationship with Edward Carstens. As her mother always remained busy, she spent most of the time with her siblings.

She was very close to her siblings and shared a very good bond with each other. Cheryl developed the interest towards acting from her sister. Her sister was the first person who has inspired her, the most to choose acting as her career. Cheryl has always wanted to become a chef but her interest towards acting towards acting grew because of her sister and joined the theatre group in her city only. But Cheryl never gave up on her passion for cooking and went further to open a restaurant.


Cheryl has not achieved much in her acting career but has always been the reason and inspiration behind the success of her siblings. The Vinyard was the movie which gave Cheryl, a lot of fame. This was Cheryl’s only major appearance on the television screen and she has imparted her role very efficiently. Cheryl was also appreciated by the director and producer of the film for her efforts and has also earned recognitions among the audience.

Cheryl was starred in several television commercials and advertisements. Though she received several offers from the film industry, she refused. Cheryl wanted to make a career with her skills in cooking. She devoted her complete attention in cooking after this. Cheryl also took help from several magazines and recipe books. In a social media post, Cheryl has said that the origin of her passion was from the cooking recipes of her grandmother.

Cheryl always wanted to create her own identity through her passion and she finally did. Cheryl has also participated in many cooking competitions. When Cheryl was in her late 20’s, she took a loan and opened the restaurant. Initially, she started the restaurant alone with just one helping hand and later, as the restaurant gained popularity she hired more cooks and employees.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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