Chelsea was born on 19 February 1991 and she was born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. As per the information, Chelsea was born in Phoenix in Arizona in the United States of America. Chelsea is famous as a singer in America and she worked as lead singer for several songs. Chelsea started her career with the album same as her name. It is known that Chelsea had been fond of music since an early childhood and as per the information, Chelsea’s parents also made their career in music.

The name of her father is Clint Black and it is known that Clint had been married twice. Chelsea’s parents filed for divorce at an early age and at present, Chelsea’s father is married to Lisa Hartman. As per the records, Chelsea also has a sibling who is not her biological sister. The name of her sister is Lily Pearl. The time period of their marriage is not known. It is known that her father had also been a fan of NASCAR racing and he made her daughter participate in many races when she was in her school. Her father was also born in the United States of America and he learned harmonica himself.

Chelsea completed her schooling in Arizona itself and it is known that she later enrolled at Texas Christian University. Some of the reports suggest that Chelsea dropped out of college as she was not very fond of studies. It is known that her father was also a school dropout. Chelsea started her career while she was in school but she is considered to be a beginner.

It is said that she requires a lot of experience to be an expert in the field. It is also known that Chelsea’s father worked in many odd jobs and he worked at a construction site and he also worked in the field of fishing as a guide. He did this to support himself and his family in early days of his career.

It is known that Chelsea had not been married and as per the information available, she had never been in a relationship. Chelsea also revealed that she is not willing to get married as of now because of her commitments towards her career. She said that she will get married once she finds the right person and once she is successful in her career. It is also known that Chelsea still races when she has time to do that. Some of her famous songs are Ignite Me and Last Night’s Party.

Chelsea has a lot of fan following on twitter and she is widely appreciated by her fans. There is no information available about Chelsea’s total income but her father’s income is known to be 80 thousand American dollars per year. There is no information about Chelsea’s net worth either but her father’s net worth is estimated to be over 12 Million American Dollars.