Charlyne Yi

Charlyne Yi’s Bio and education

The multi-talented American actress, comedian, screenwriter and musician was born with the name Charlyne Amanda Yi on the 14th of January 1986, which puts her age at 32. Yu was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, the United States to parents, Lydia and Luciano Yi, who are of multiple ethnicity and heritage.

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Therefore, despite being an American, Yi’s ancestral heritage comprises Philippine, Spanish, German, Irish, Mexican, Korean, French and Native American. Thus, further justifying her multi-talented nature. While growing, the attractive actress attended Bloomington High School where she began her involvement in theatre production. Yi also attended the University of California for a while before dropping out in order to focus on her career.

Charlyne Yi career and net worth

On the subject of her career, Yi is one dynamic personality who has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. Yi is popularly acclaimed for her appearances in Help Me Help You, Knocked Up, Paper Heart, among others. Her first screen appearance was in 2007 in the movie titled Knocked Up while 2009 marked her debut as a screenwriter in Paper Heart. As a musician, she was in a band named, The Glass Beef but left the band for a new one Sacred Destinies where she remained till date.

Apart from the television, music and film industry, Yi is also involved in non-profit organizations and humanitarian services. One of such is the Ocean America aimed at creating awareness on hunger and poverty-related issues. There is also Caring is Cool, a non-profit organization she established in 2011. Yi has also become a familiar face in music videos coupled with her voice roles in several movies.

Accordingly, she has enjoyed unprecedented recognition, awards, and nominations as a result of her excellent works. Paper Heart, in which she was a co-writer and executive producer, got her a Comedy Film Award nomination for Best Actress and the movie was awarded the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award in 2009. She has, thus, done well by being open to opportunities to do numerous things in diverse ways.

As an actress with several other streams of income, Yi has an impressive net worth of $1 million.

Charlyne Yi Husband and Child

Considering Yi’s fame, she surprisingly has little or no report of escapades with men. This is because she appears to be so preoccupied with her career that she perceives love relationships or commitments as distractions to attaining her desired feat.

Of course, at some point, Yi was rumored to be dating Michael Cera. Upon debunking the rumor, she was soon attached to Jeremy Kaluza, an American screenwriter. However, Yi has never been married neither has she ever had a husband or a child whether in or out of wedlock. Hence, Yi is not entangled in a relationship but engaged in her chosen path of life.




04 Dec, 2018