Cece Cramer is the daughter to Jim Carmer and his ex wife Karen Backfisch Olufsen. The two got married in the year 1988 and they divorced in the year 2009. Cece Cramer has one sibling called Emma Cramer. His father is a founder and the ex owner and Senior Partner for Cramer Berkowitz.

Most part of Cece Cramer’s biography is not available online, but that of her father. Jim Carmer is the finance expert and he is the host of a finance program named Mad Money. It is broadcasted at CNBC. He was a former hedge fund manager and turned to journalist as a career. He had reported many high profile murders in the state of Florida. When he found out that it was hard living by reporting, he decided to go back in Harvard where he studied the law.

When he was at Harvard, then he become interested in finance and he began trading with stock market. After working under Goldman Sachs for some time, he decided to open own hedge fund company. He was in the collaboration with The New Republic Editor. He then co-founded The Street.com. he was serving as the market adviser and commentator.

In the year 2005, he got invitation to be a host of a finance program of CNBC channel. The program does focus on the investment with the speculation in the traded stock and this is where he was recommending some of the stocks based on some rationale. He did appear at other television shows such as NBC Nightly News. He was also at The Tonight show with Jay Leno and then he authored different finance books.

Jim Carmer was born in the city of Philadelphia and his parents were Jewish, his age is not recorded. He went to Springfield Township High School of Montgomery County. When he was at Harvard College, he finished magna cum Laude when he had a B.A. He got interested in Journalism and he was working at The Harvard Crimson and then graduated and become the president.

When he finished the college, then he entered into different entry level of reporting jobs. When working for the Tallahassee Democrat, he did cover for a high profile murder story named Ted Bundy Killings. This is when he got enough attention.

Jim Carmer worked at Los Angeles Herald Examiner and he reported with American Lawyer. He did went to Harvard Law School and this is where he pursued the degree of law.

Jim Carmer got married two times. The first one was when he married Karen Backfish –Olufsen. They got married in the year 1988 and then they divorced in the year 2009. He married again and his second wife was Lisa Cadette Detwiler. He is an author of different books and his latest book was Getting Back to Even. His Instagram is @jimcramer, his twitter is @jimcramer and his net worth is 100 million dollars.