Catherine Clark

Catherine Clark Age and Career

Catherine Clark was born in the year 1976 and she is a Canadian television broadcaster. Her father was a Canadian Prime Minister named Joe Clark and her mother is Maureen McTeer.

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From her bio, Catherine Clark was born in the City of High River in Alberta. It was this year that the father became a leader to Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. When she reached the age of 18 years, she moved without the family to live in Paris and this is where she attended American University for five months. She was living in a small one bedroom flat. She finished her studies at University of Toronto and had a degree of art history. When she finished the school, she started to work at Publicity firm called Hill & Knowlton.

She had a prominent role in the Federal election in 2000 and her father said that she was among her trusted political advisors. She is an advocate about engaging youth into political process. In the year 2001, she started with the broadcasting career and she was hosting television news magazine called Unzipped. It was for Canadian digital cable network called ichannel. This show got canceled after one year, because of the financial constraint and the content was questionable. However, Catherine Clark continued her job at the network doing other jobs. In the year 2004, she started to work with Rogers Television where she was a host of daily talk show based in Ottawa.

Catherine Clark  Married, husband and family

In the year 2002, she got married to Chad Schella who was a director of Player Services for NHL Ottawa Senators. With her husband, she got a daughter called Alexandra Charmaine Maureen Schella born in the year 2006 with a son named Charles Roger Dennis Shcella born in the year 2009. After giving birth to her daughter, she took the time off and when she came back, she joined CPAC, A Canadian parliamentary Broadcaster. She was the host of the Sunday Sound Off, which is a political debate with a panel discussion show. She also worked for Beyond Politics. It was a talk show, where she was interviewing Canadian Politicians talking about the lives they have outside of the politics.

Catherine Clark  Bio and net worth

She had been named among Ottawa’s Forty Under 40 by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce in her capacity of being a blogger, President of the Catherine Clark Communications, blogger, writer, Emcee and public speaker. She is the columnist at Giving Back for Ottawa Home Magazine and she is the author of #150Great People blog. She has written for The Toronto Star and for Ottawa Citizen. She has article published in Canadian Living and The Globe and Mail.

Catherine is the member for Broad of Directors at Care Canada, Care Kenya, The Writers Trust of Canada, and The Board of Governors of the community Foundation of Ottawa.

Her net worth is not reported yet.


02 Dec, 2018