Carrie James

Carrie James is a famous scholar of the society. She is known for her academic achievements and successful career.

Personal life

Carrie James was born in New York. There is no information given about her birth date or birth year in her biography. She was born to her Nigerian parents and holds an American nationality. She is the only child and grew up to her mother. Carrie’s mother was a social worker and her father worked in the country’s police department. She grew up in a very educated family and has received a strict upbringing.

Carrie was very introvert and could not open up and share her thoughts with other people easily, even with her parents. Carrie felt very lonely as she had nobody to talk to play with. Carrie had no friends. She slowly went to depression leading to the emotional crisis. Carrie’s parents had to take her to regular counselling sessions to help her recover. Despite all these things going on in her personal life, nothing could affect her education. She was very brilliant as a student and her only hobby as a child was to study.

Carrie never held a second position in her class in academics but when it came for the cultural performances, she felt very nervous. She had absolutely no confidence in any cultural activities and she had to listen to several taunts from her friends due to this. Carrie’s parents and teachers have tried their hard to make her understand but it resulted to nothing. Later, she has opened up in an interview that she never like any of the cultural and that was the only reason Carrie could never excel at it. On the other side, her general knowledge and debate skills were hard to be left behind.

Carrie always wanted to pursue a career which would give more chances of exploration, without any hinderances. After high school, Carrie went to the university to pursue her bachelor’s degree. She did a major in Sociology from the university. During her university examinations, Carrie has received several certificates and awards due to her excellent project reports and case studies.

After completing her university education, Carrie received several job offers because of her excellent grades but she did not respond to any of them. She wanted to go further with her education and wanted to research. There is absolutely no information available about her personal life on the social media. Carrie prefers to keep her personal life away from the limelight of the media.


When Carrie wanted to study further without pursuing any job, her parents warned her and even said that she may fail to get a job later, owing to the recession. But Carrie did not pay attention to anything and followed her goal. Carrie chose her research topics which mainly focused on different cultures and living standards of people. Carrie is also associated with many social organisations and NGOs for her job. Carrie plays an active role in many social rallies and conferences.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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