Carolyn Maxwell

Carolyn Maxwell, born in the year 1945, has been a U.S. actress. She had been passionate about acting and fashion designing since her very childhood. She has been particularly famous for her acting and roles in such television shows as Les Chien Chauds in 1980, Tattlestales in 1974, Black Mirror, and Gas in 1981. Carolyn has also been working as a fashion designer besides acting.

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Personal Life

Carolyn is presently a divorcee. She had previously been married to Orson Bean, an actor. She had been the second wife of her husband Bean. Bean had previously been married to Jacqueline de Sibour whom he divorced. After divorcing his first wife, he started his relationship with Carolyn. Bean had not been famous when he started dating Carolyn. He had been a small actor, at that time. They dated for around two years before tying the knot in the year 1965. They have been blessed with three children namely Susannah Bean, Max Bean, and Ezekiel Bean.

After marriage, Bean and Carolyn decided to move to Australia where arguments and conflicts between them began to increase. It was there in Australia that animosity between husband and wife increased manifold. Bean wanted to have extra-marital relationships, and she wanted that Carolyn allowed him for the same. Carolyn was in no mood to allow him to have relationships with other women. Bean started cheating on his wife, and relations between them further worsened. They also felt the effect of black magic on their lives. Hence, they resolved to shift back to the USA.

Several issues developed between them, and they ended their relationship in the year 1981 after being together for sixteen long years. After the divorce, Carolyn appeared in only a few television shows. In 2012, the family came to grief again when their daughter named Susannah expired. Bean had been depressed after the divorce, but after some time he re-married. However, Carolyn did not marry again.

Carolyn is an American national, and her ethnicity is White. Details regarding her parentage and early life are not available on record. However, it is on record that she studied at Hood College for around two years, and graduated in Home Economics.


Carolyn had a deep passion for acting right through her childhood, but the real breakthrough in her career came when she had been offered a role in Tattletales, a comedy show. It was a U.S. based comedy show by the producer Ira Skutch. The show became live on CBS in the month of February 1974. This big break facilitated him to have roles in several other shows such as Les Chien Chauds, and Gas. Carolyn gained immense popularity and fame after her performance in the television show entitled Black Mirror in which she played the character, Elizabeth Smith.

Carolyn had also been fascinated by fashion and designing. She entered the world of fashion alongside acting, and it doubled her happiness. She did not like to work for a large corporation and liked to give a personal touch to his products. There is no record of Carolyn having received any awards. As per her biography, Carolyn’s net worth is not on record.

18 Oct, 2018