Caroline Stanbury

Caroline Stanbury is a popular entrepreneur of the business industry. She has been a part of several industries and has achieved success through her creative business ideas and skills.

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Personal life

Caroline Stanbury was born in the year 1976 on April 28th. She was born in London to her American parents. Her parents were Anthony Stanbury and Elizabeth. She was born in a very reputed family and grew up with her siblings. Stanbury has enjoyed all the luxuries of life from childhood. There were many caretakers appointed for her, from childhood. She has even said in an interview that she did not have to move from her place to wash her hands.

Both her parents belonged to prestigious positions in the business world. Her father held the position of managing director in a company and her mother was into the cashmere knitwear business. As a child, Caroline has always been in good terms with many celebrities and famous personalities of the society! She attended parties from an early age. As her parents could not give her any time at home, she felt very depressed. The age difference between Caroline and her siblings was a lot and thus, she could not adjust with them.

Caroline was sent to a very reputed school, Westonbirt boarding school. She hardly came to her home because her parents remained busy and could not give her any time. Caroline did not like her hostel life at all and remained alone most of the time. She hardly had any friends in her school life and missed her parents. She had made up her mind from childhood and wanted to become a business person. After completing her high school education, Caroline decided to get into the business.

Though her parents asked her to continue her bachelor’s degree, but she denied as she already had other plans for her career. Caroline shares her personal life with the media. It was rumoured that she has been in several relationships during her teenage years but there is no assurance till now. She is now happily married to Turkish Cem Habib. The couple has dated each other for quite a long time before tying the knot in the year 2004. The couple was also blessed with three children after their marriage. Since then, there is no news regarding their separation or marriage.


Caroline has started an early career just after completing her high school. She pursued her career in the public relations management. She has worked as an intern in many industrial sectors to gather experience. Caroline started her business career with the The Gift Library of Caroline Stanbury. She used to sell luxury items online as well as offline at her store. The items in the store were perfect for gifting purposes as well as for personal use. Caroline went further and opened three more branches. Her store became very famous, within a period of five years. She came to the limelight and also became very famous in the social media, due to her business. Caroline possesses a high net worth of $30 million annually.

01 Feb, 2018