Carla Gugino is actress of American origins and she is known for the role she had in Spy Kids Trilogy, in Watchmen like Sally Jupiter and in Sucker Punch like Vera Gorski. She was the lead character for the television series called Threshold and Karen Sisco. She had featured in film work which included being the star of Mr Popper’s Penguins, Night At the Museum, Sin City, San Andreas and Son in Law. She was also in the DC Extended Universe where she was Kelor. She had a lead role in the Roadies, Wayward Pines and Political Animals.

From her biography, Carla Gugino was born in the city of Sarasota, in Florida and her father is Carl Gugino who was an Italian and orthodontist descent and the mother is of English-Irish Descent. She was described like a bohemian and she liked to travel between the home of her half brother Carl and father.

While growing up, she was living with her mother in a Van in the Big Sur but with her father, she was living in a beautiful house with a tennis court and a swimming pool and she was going to Europe in summers. She started acting classes and was a model as a teenager. She was able to support herself early, and with the support of her parents, she was legally emancipated by the time she became 16.

Carla Gugino’s television work started in 1980s until 1990s and it included the appearance in The Wonder Years, MD, Doogie Howser, ALF, Who’s the Boss and Saved by the Bell. In the film, Gugino was in the film Troop Beverly Hills of Shelley Long, she was the co-star of Pauly Shore in the year 1993 and she was in Son in Law. She appeared in the video of Bon Jovi’s song called Always. She appeared in The Buccaneers, a BBC miniseries where she was Nan st George and later Trevenick’s Duchess.

Carla Gugino has been a partner for Sebastian Gutierrez for a long time and she said that they were not planning to be married. She said that marriage is not that important to them but they like the way they are as a girlfriend and boyfriend since there is something fun and sexy with it. There is nothing that holds them together than a desire to be with one another. Sebastian Gutierrez is a director, producer, writer and also her collaborator.

She is available on Instagram. Her account is @carlagugino. She has a net worth of 14 million dollars and even she had acquired the biggest amount in acting, she had also got money in acting, being a voice actor and a fashion model. Her acting career also made her to participate into many fashion shows. She had taken the fashion sense to her roles since she likes to act while dressing in a fashionable way.