Camryn Manheim


Camryn Manheim is an American actress known for her roles in the TV series ‘The Practice’ and ‘Ghost Whisperers’. In her biography, she is referred to have a voluptuous figure, beautiful smile, and deep blue eyes.


Camryn Manheim Personal Life

Debra Frances Manheim (real name), born on March 8th, 1961, in New Jersey to Jerome and Sylvia Manheim. She grew up in a Jewish family. Her mother is a teacher and father is a professor in mathematics. She also has a brother, Karl Manheim, a professor in Loyola Law School.

She spent her childhood in Illinois and then moved to Long Beach California for middle school where she completed her BFA from the University of California in 1984. And had MFA in acting from New York University in 1987.

Camryn Manheim Married life

Finding a partner and to be married probably is the last thing in her mind. She has not married but she wanted to have a child. She got pregnant at the age of 39 and gave birth to her son Milo, two days after she reached 40. Jeffrey Brezovar, her gay model friend, is said to be the sperm donor and the biological father of Milo.

She was rumored to have undergone plastic surgery because of her dramatic weight loss. She later denied the fact and said that she just changed her lifestyle as she wanted her son to eat healthily.


Camryn Manheim Professional Career Path

Manheim had interest in acting after she played a role a Renaissance fair during her high school. Before she started the acting career, she worked at a hospital as a sign language interpreter. She would do the interpretation for a deaf and mute parent in a delivery room.

This skill was used on ‘The Practice’, also in an episode of ‘Law and Order, and in the movie ‘Mercury Rising’. Her career breakthrough was her show, “Wake up, I’m fat”. She then adapted it into a book and published in 1999 by Broadway Book.

The book fulfilled her dream when the book patronized by fans and made her New York best-selling author.

Camryn Manheim Net Worth and Award

Manheim earned various awards in the film industry to which he won five awards, 1 for her portrayal in ‘Happiness’ and the other 4 for ‘The Practice’. She also had nominations from different associations for films ‘Happiness’, ‘The Practice’ and ‘Elvis’.

Her hard works were also recognized in some TV series. Among them includes ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘Hannah Montana’. In an episode of ‘Company Picnic’, she voiced Juliet.

Manheim became more famous when she played defense attorney Ellenor Frutt on ‘The Practice, to which she spent 8 years portraying. Aside from acting, she is also into teaching and holds lectures all over the United States and outside the US. These give her a net worth of $3 million.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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