Céline Galipeau

A Canadian born journalist, who grew up all over the world seeing first hand the effects of war on the people, Céline Galipeau decided to be a journalist at a very young age.

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Céline Galipeau’s Age

Céline Galipeau is currently 61 years old. She was born on 11th March 1957. Galipeau is a Canadian. She was born in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada. Galipeau was named Céline Galipeau Loan at birth.

Céline Galipeau’s Family

Galipeau’s parents were Georges Galipeau and Pham Thi Ngoc Lang. Georges Galipeau was a French Canadian Diplomat and journalist, who was later appointed as a UN diplomat, while Pham was a nurse and a refugee from the Vietnamese war. Galipeau has two sisters.

Céline Galipeau’s Bio

Though Galipeau was born in Canada, she grew up far from it. Because her father was a journalist, the family had to move to many places all through her childhood. She lived in the Togolese Republic, the Republic of Senegal, the Lebanese Republic, Syria, the West Bank, and Jordan. She grew up with other children of diplomats. While at the West Bank, Galipeau went to Beir Zeit University to study political science, in 1976. She also went to the University of Amman, Jordan, to study English literature, in 1977. After which she returned to Montreal in 1978. She pursued dual Master’s degree in sociology and political science from McGill University, Montreal.

Célne Galipeau’s Hairstyle

Galipeau is a brunette. She keeps her hair short. She is typically seen sporting a bob cut with classic side-swept bangs.

Céline Galipeau’s Wiki Page

Galipeau started her career at CBC owned free-to-air French-language television network, Radio-Canada, in the year 1984. She covered the news in Toronto, replacing Julie Miville-Dechêne for a while. After which she applied to go abroad and be a field correspondent. She went on to be posted in London, Paris, Moscow, Beijing even the war areas of Algeria, Kosovo, Chechnya, and Afghanistan. It was finally when she was in Iraq, that the war and living in terrible conditions got to her and she was ready to move back home permanently. Celine even wrote on the issues faced by the women in countries such as Afghanistan and India. She received various acclamations for her work and even named a Woman of Distinction in 2004 and also received the highest civilian distinction in Quebec in 2009 and Canada in 2013, the National Order of Quebec and the Order of Canada. Moving back to Canada after an absence of 16 years required major adjustments. She hosted the Telejournal weekend edition in Montreal from 2003. In 2009, she succeeded Bernard Derome and became the Cheif Anchor of Public Television, the first woman to do so.

Does Céline Galipeau Have a Husband?

Galipeau is married to the journalist Jacques Bissonnette. The couple has a 24-year-old son. The family lives in Montreal, Canada.

03 Mar, 2019