Bernard Derome

Bernard Derome's biography

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Bernard Derome is a Canadian Broadcaster and he earlier worked as a News Anchor & Journalist. He is quite popular on television news channels in Quebec and Canada. He has now acclaimed to be a standard mark for Francophone audience (the audience for which French is a first or second language). He worked as a TV anchor for a significant number of years (more than 30 years).

Bernard's age

Born on 10th January 1944 in Montreal, Quebec, Bernard Derome is 74 years old. He is Capricorn by Zodiac.

Is Bernard Derome married? Tell us about his family?

Nothing officially is reported about his current marital status. However, it is said that Bernard Derome is a Divorcee with three children. He is stated once that he is “deeply in love more so every day” with Marie Caron, the woman with whom he had lived with for 8 years. Caron is a Public Relations Representative in Montreal, Canada. There is no information available about his marriage, wife, after his Divorce. Also, there is no clue about his existing children and other relatives. Even we are unaware of his parental lineage and other information.

His Net Worth and earnings

The reported value of Bernard Derome’s Net worth is around 7.5 million dollars. He is a well-known media personality loved and appreciated by the Canadian people. However, what is his other sources of earning apart from Media is not reported authentically anywhere. But since he is a well-known News Anchor with “credibility” and knowledge, he had been a most ‘sought after’ media person.

Derome's Career

Bernard Derome has a rising career graph in his life. He studied at Saint Lawrence College. At the age of 19, he began with his first job at CJBR radio station in Rimouski, a city in Quebec, Canada. He further went to Radio-Canada which is Canada Government funded broadcasting channel and started anchoring a program Aujourd'hui (Today) in 1967. He served at Radio Canada Television till 1998 and served as Chief News Anchor. He has gained many accolades for coverage like the 1995 referendum, Charlottetown Accord referendum and an older one, 1980 referendum. He also earns credentials for ‘October Crisis’. After stepping down from Chief Anchor’s chair, Bernard Derome anchored and worked for many news and documentary programs like 5 sur 5, Le Monde and La Grande Aventure de la télévision.

In 2015, he joined a classical music radio station called CJPX-FM which is operated by Groupe Musique Greg. Bernard worked here as a Morning Presenter. Bernard Derome appeared on Special TV Channels like CBC and the News Channel as a National and International Person. Bernard Derome won many awards and accolades like National Order of Quebec in 2006, Order of La Pléiade in 2000, Order of Canada in 1994 and Olivar-Asselin Award in 1981. He also received a Lifetime Achievement award from the Canadian Journalism Foundation.

28 Feb, 2019