Brooks Nielsen 

Brook's Bio

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Brooks Nielsen is an American Rock Singer who is part of a band known as The Growlers. Nielsen co-founded the music band with his friend, Matt Taylor out of their love and passion for music. The band started with a group of his friends who were music lovers and Nielsen is the lead singer of the band. Nielsen was born on the 3rd of January 1984 in the United States of America which puts his age at 35. The details of Nielsen’s parents are hidden. Similarly, his educational background and years of growing up has not been revealed yet. The singer keeps the details away from his audience as he does not discuss them anywhere to the hearing of the public. All we know about him is his date of birth and place of birth.

On the subject of the music band, at inception, it was named The Heebie-Geebies. However, on second thought, the name was considered childish and changed to The Growlers. Founded by a group of music-loving friends, the band is a thriving and closely knitted group of individuals with a common interest at heart. The band has since remained together. Nielsen attributes his captivating and excellent lyrics to his father who was always out to get the best out of him. His reason for this is the weirdness and wildness it adds to his singing. However, finding a point of balance has been the task of the singer lately.

Nielsen’s Wife

The charming singer is happily married to his long-time girlfriend, Melissa. They got married in 2015 and they have a son together who is named Valentino. From the look of things, the marriage is happy and the couple does not appear to be having disputes that could lead to divorce any time soon.

What makes Brooks sing well?

He sings well owing to alcohol, according to the singer himself.

Brooks Nielsen’s Salary

The amazingly creative singer has done quite well for himself in the music industry but his salary or net worth has not been reported.

Nielsen’s Hairstyle and looks

The musician has a brown hair which falls off to his chin in bouncy curls and has charming looks.

07 Feb, 2019