Brooke D (Orsay) is an actress that hails from Toronto, Ontario and is 33 years of age. This Canadian actress has a huge following on her Instagram and Twitter accounts that has been attributed to her roles on King’s Ransom as Brook Mayo and on 6teen as Caitlin Cooke. However, Brooke’s American fans well know her for two movies including Two and a Half Men and Royal Pains. Apart from Wikipedia, her fans access her IMDb profile to better understand her career and personal background information. The actress is said to have $40,000 net worth. Posts related to Brooke can be followed on Tumblr.

Personal Life

It was on February 17, 1982, that the world was graced with the birth of a child named Brooke D’Orsay. During her childhood, Brooke’s parents – Jackie D’Orsay and William D’Orsay – who are of white ethnicity were middle class. Her father was employed at a local university where he worked as professor as well as a lab scientist while her mother worked alongside William (Brooke’s father) as a lab advisor. Therefore, while working alongside each other, William and Jackie began dating.

Before high school, Brooke spared time to participate in an acting crew at her locality, which made her see many cities. This was the elementary stage of Brooke’s acting career as it helped her garner much confidence and self-expression in the midst of crowds. After gaining much exposure and practical experiences as far as acting is concerned, Brooke returned back home from where she auditioned for required roles in various movies and TV shows.  

Career Life

After a series of auditions for myriads of roles in films and shows, Brooke’s major acting role came about in 2001 when she cast on Why Can’t I Be a Movie Star? – Whereby she played as Jenifer Kruz. Brooke’s exceptional performance on-set saw her gain more appearances on movies. For instance, Brooke played various roles in films such as Truth of Insanity, Home Security, Fortune’s Sweet Kiss, The Skulls III, King’s Ransom, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, It’s a Boy Girl Thing and Room 10.

Apart from performances on movies, Brooke has as well displayed her prowess on television. Some of Brooke’s notable works on television include her roles on Doc, Beautiful Girl, Ace Lightening, Wild Card, Soul Food, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Everybody’s Doing It, Smothered, and many others.

Despite all of Brooke’s popularity, the Canadian actress remains secretive about her love life. After dating Greg Coolidge for a long time, Broke chose to reveal their marriage plans on August 2012. Alongside being a director, Greg is as well a producer and director and thus, has really helped establish his girlfriend’s career.

However, despite Brooke’s revelations of their marriage plans, little is known with regards to whether the marriage occurred. What the general media is aware of is that the celebrity couple sold their home situated in Hollywood Hills for approximately $2 million. Brooke’s wiki pages have much information on her biography that her fans would find interesting.