Brittney Alger

Brittney Alger is a model and actress of American nationality. She became well known when she appeared in the film such as 21 Jump Street, Pitch perfect, Furious 7. She was also in the series called Its Always Sunny in Phaladelphia. Brittney Marie Alger was born in the year 1988. For her career she started as a model and then turned into acting.

She was born in the city of Westlake, in Ohio. She joined film industry in the year 2011. Her father is a business person and he encouraged her to join acting career.

According to her biography, Brittney Alger studied mass communication and then joined acting and modeling. When she decided to act, she joined acting classes and had been in many theatrical classes. In the year 2012, she was in 21 Jump Street where she had a role of friends of Eric and her role was appreciated by the fans.

After sometime, she appeared in Pitch Perfect and this is where she had a role in Opening Belle. With this role, she earned the popularity and fame. From this time, she featured in different TV series and movies like Wild Card, Furious 7, Baby Daddy, and Fantastic Four. For her personal life, Brittney Alger is not married yet and she is not dating anyone in public. When she is free, she spends her time with dogs. She also enjoys knitting and cooking. She is among the fans of Nikki Minaj. She likes her mother and she says she is the source of her inspiration.

She says that she is not married yet and she is still looking for her soul mate. She is a volunteer in the organization which helps people who are disabled and she participates in many workshops in regards of the disabled people. She maintains her sexy body structure and takes a balanced diet food. She does regular exercise in order to maintain a perfect figure and keeps up her curves.

Brittney Alger is 5 feet with 2 inches but her weight is not known even if her weight is balanced well with the height. The net worth she has is not disclosed to the public but taking into consideration her success, it is believed to be enough. Alger is famous and has a number of followers who keep up with her on Facebook and social media.

Growing up, she spent her childhood in different areas like Miami, Texas and Nevada. She says that the place she considers to be her home is Ocean Spring of Mississippi. Her acting career is believed to be a result of the work she had in modeling. She is beautiful naturally and she contested in Hometown Hottie annual contest of Maxim. Even if she did not win the crown, she got the exposure she needed. She got an agent and started to appear in television and commercial roles.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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