Brittany Rainey

Brittany Rainey is a meteorologist at CBS 4 and Fox 59 and she was voted as the hottest meteorologist from a group of other hosts from many networks. She is an American by nationality. She grew up under the sunshine of the beaches of Florida. She did her elementary and her high school in the state of Florida. She became passionate because of the weather forecasting at early age. She would wake up one hour earlier so that she can wash the morning weather news. She would be fascinated about the afternoon storms with the hurricanes which pass before Florida and it made her to choose meteorology without any doubt. She attended Florida Technical College found in Florida State University. She did a minor in the mathematics.

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After graduating, she started to work at Missoula, in Montana where she was their weekend meteorologist. The snowy and chilly weather found in Montana was the opposite of sanguine and warm weather that she was used to in her town of Florida. This is why she left Montana so that she can move in Nebraska in the city of Hastings.

When she arrived in Nebraska, she did work like a meteorologist for KHAS-TV channel 5, at HOAK Media in Nebraska found in Lincoln city. KHAS-TV News is the NBC affiliate and it had been active from Central Nebraska from 1956. She started working during the weekend shows but in the end she started to work on the weekdays for their evening shows. After working at KHAS, she moved and went to work at Huntington in Nebraska. She was putting together the forecasts of four regions each weekend.

Afterwards, she moved to live in Tornado Alley in the city of Tulsa in Oklahoma and worked on their KJRH-TV channel 2 in the year 2012. She was one of the team that was called Storm Shield Meteorologist and he did appear on the show named Works for You. By now, she is working in Indianapolis, CBS4 Network and at Fox 59.

Married, divorced, husband

Brittany Rainey does not talk about her private life so it is not clear if she is even married, divorced or who her husband is. She does not have children by now. At her age of 31, it is believed that she is more concerned about her professional than a family life.

Net worth

Brittany Rainey is getting enough money because of her career but it is not clear about how much she had made as the net worth. Because of the successful career, she is living a lavish lifestyle.

Brittany Rainey was nicknamed as Brainey and it is the name she is using at the Instagram handle as itsbrainey. She owns a dog named Squig and it is her companion on the Instagram posts. When she is free, she likes baking, watching movies and staying fit through doing yoga or bike riding in the city.

04 Mar, 2019