Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel, born on 21st October 1964 in Marjeyoun, Lebanon, has been an activist, journalist, and author who has also founded an anti-Muslim association named “ACT! For America”. Gabriel has been infamous for her opposition to Islamic activities and terror. She has suffered a lot due to Islamic militants during her life.

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Personal Life

Brigitte Gabriel took birth in a Christian family in the district of Marjeyoun, Lebanon. She has been the only child of his parents born after more than twenty years after marriage. As per her version, the Islamic militants attacked a military base of Lebanon near her home, and her home was completely destroyed.

Gabriel had hardly been ten years old at that time and was injured by shrapnel. She along with her parents had to take shelter underground for seven long years without sanitary systems, electricity, and running water. They had to be content with a little amount of food. It was an 8x10 bomb shelter in which she parents spent seven years.

In 1978, there had been a bomb explosion near Gabriel’s shelter, and her mother had been seriously injured. Her mother had been admitted to an Israeli hospital, and the treatment meted out to her there was excellent. She and her parents got trapped in their hideout for two days and had eventually been saved by three Christian fighters. She befriended one of those fighters, but he was killed later. It was during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon that she was finally saved.

Gabriel studied and graduated from a high school, and then joined YWCA for a one year course in business administration. She completed the course in 1984. Nothing is on the record about her parentage, further education, and early life.

Gabriel is a married woman. She has married a U.S. national who had been her co-worker in Israel. After marriage, she moved to the USA with her husband. She is spending her married life happily and has not divorced her husband as yet.


Gabriel fled Lebanon and went to Israel where she resided from 1984 to 1988. After completing her business administration course in 1986, she started her career with Middle East Television (METV) as an anchor. She worked under her pseudonym Nour Semaan. Simultaneously, she took up an assignment with the World News, evening news broadcast in the Arabic language. After her marriage with an American national, she shifted to America and started there a TV advertisement and production firm. Gabriel began to love the country America.

Gabriel said in the year 2009 that Islam promoted violence and intolerance. She has faced criticism and controversy because of her views and speeches on Islam. She requested moderate Muslims who are westernized, educated and enlightened to initiate reform measures for Islam as was done in cases of Judaism and Christianity.

She coined a term Islamofascism and likened it to cancer. Gabriel further added that extremism in Islam was rampant. She estimated 15 to 25 percent Muslims to be radicals around the world. There is no record she ever won any rewards. As per her biography, Gabriel’s net worth is not known.

18 Oct, 2018