Brie Larson

Brie Larson is a popular television personality of the industry. She has gained success in various fields like acting, singing, producing and song writing. She has also earned popularity as a musician and as well as a director.

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Personal life

Brie Larson was born in the year 1989 on October 1st. She grew up in Sacramento, California with her sister. She was the elder child of the family. When she was only three years old, her parents got divorced leading to an extra marital affair of her father. Brie had to shift to Los Angeles with her mother and her younger sister. Her mother used to do some part time jobs to support the expense of the family.

Brie’s grandparents used to stay in Los Angeles so she and her sister have spent quality time with her grandparents. She developed interest towards acting from her grandmother. Her grandmother always wanted to become an actress but as she could not fulfill her dreams, she always wanted her granddaughters to fulfill her dreams. Brie initially learnt music from her grandmother. She had developed a knack for classical music from her grandparents.

When Larson was in her elementary school, she participated in the annual function of her school and she was appreciated a lot by her teachers and friends. She wanted to take acting classes but the financial condition of her family was not stable to afford it. When Brie completed her graduation, she started looking for some part time jobs. As she wanted to join the theatre, she did some part time job to fund her theatre studies. She joined the American Conservatory Theater to pursue her career as an actress. Brie is now engaged to Greenwald. She has been in a long time relationship with Alex Greenwald but there are still no news about their marriage and children.


Brie began her acting career with the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She was chosen from the theatre for appearing in the series. She earned much popularity through this appearance which fetched her, the chance to appear in Schimmel. Brie was very excited about the launch of the series but unfortunately, the series was not launched due to the worsening physical condition of Robert Schimmel. As Robert Schimmel was diagnosed with cancer, the show was turned down by the channel. Brie was next starred in In Your Dreams which later came to be known with another name. After this, she was seen in Hope & Faith which was a series by ABC. She has also earned many awards through her acting skills and talents.

Brie has created a successful career in the music industry. In the year 2005, she launched her first debut album. Besides that, she has also appeared in several musical concerts, which has further increased her popularity. Larson has also received recognitions as a script writer and has even contributed in several films. She enjoys a good amount of net worth which is in millions but the exact amount has not been revealed yet.

17 Feb, 2018