Bridget Jones Nelson

Bridget Jones Nelson Age and bio

Bridget Jones Nelson was born in the year 1964 and she is credited like Bridget Nelson or Bridget Jones. She is an American Actress and an American screenwriter. She appeared in Mystery Science Theater 3000. She was working like a contributing writer of the show, and then she became full time writer of season 4.

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Bridget Jones Nelson was born in Sauk Rapids in Minnesota of USA. According to her bio, she appeared in the Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie in 1996 and then Assignment: Venezuela and Other Shorts 2000. She met her husband when they got hired to work as writer at Cult TV Series known as Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Bridget Jones Nelson Career and education

In her acting career, she appeared in Gamera Vs Zigra when she was Helen a young Japanese girl that loved coca cola, before she appeared at Magic Voice. She also appeared as Lisa Loeb and Mr B Natural. She is known for the roles of Nuveena in the Woman of the Future. She was a singing love interest of Mike in the 524 episodes. She was Flavia in the Evil Matron and nemesis of Pearl Forrester in the multi-episode arc for its season eight. In the year 2007, Jones Michael J Nelson was an audio commentary of Rifftrax service of Nelson. It was a pilot episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

In the year 2015, Bridget did team up together with Mary Jo Pehl to riff shorts of Rifftrax and she was the participants of the RiffTrax Live at MST3K reunion show. It was being broadcasted live in theaters in the entire United States and in Canada.

In the 2016, the casts from Mystery Science Theater 3000, she joined the Minneapolis for the live reunion which was streamed at Rifftrax. It was the venture led by the second host and the head writer called Mike Nelson. Others were Bill Corbett, Crow T Robot, Kevin Murphy and Tom Servo.

If you are not sure of what the show is all about, the series, Mystery Science Theater 3000, it is about the man trapped at the Outer space in the craft known as Sattellite of Love and he was forced in watching the bad movies from an evil scientist. To be able to survive such show, the man made fun of the movies together with the robot companions called Joel that he built on his own and the other one that he inherited. The concept was about watching the movie with the comedy commentary that runs from it. As the show continued, some of the performers came and went away.

Bridget Jones Nelson’s Height,Boyfriend, Dating, Husband & Married


Bridget Jones Nelson’s height is 5 feet with 4 inches. She got married to a fellow writer at MST3K called Michael J Nelson. They got two sons together. There is no information about any other boyfriend or her dating history.


10 Dec, 2018