Briana Latrise

Briana Latrise is an American blogger and photographer who is the founder of the Tuesday At Heart. She became famous because of the Growing up Hip Hop, a TV show. She also got attention because she liked to bash with her parents and boyfriends.

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Briana was involved with Iman Omari, who is a DJ and a producer. However, their relationship did not last for long since she had to face violence and suffered physical abuse. She became a mother but she is raising her daughter as a single mother.

Briana Latrise’s daddy is called Kendu Issacs. He had been the manager of Mary J Blige but in the end they got married. From the marriage, Mary J Blige became a stepmom to Briana. The marriage did not last for long and in the end they divorced. Kenduu was asking the alimony of 129 thousand per month and he got criticized for it.

According to her biography, Briana Latrise was the supporting member of season 2 and 3 and then the main member for Growing Up Hip Hop.

From her biography, Briana Latrise was born in the year 1986 in the city of New York. She is now around 32 years old. She is an American by nationality. When she was 15 years old, she was living with her grandmother. She has a close relationship with her grandmother. She became famous in the show, when she tried to escape from her hometown to go to her grandmother’s home in Miami. She once burned down the house when she was cooking. That time she was tipsy and she woke up when the firemen where at her home trying to extinguish a fire.

Net worth

After the marriage with her father, Briana became close to Mary J Blige. Even if she had been appearing on television for some time now and many people got interested in her, her net worth is not yet known. However, the net worth of her step mother is 20 million dollars. Mary has a luxurious mansion in the city of New Jersey.


Married, dating

By now, she does not talk too much about her family and if she is single or not. However, she talked about having a daughter with her ex-boyfriend. She does not talk about the situation between her and the father of his daughter.

When she was pregnant, she lived alone and at sometime she was homeless. Her parents were not helping her too much. This affected her too much and she is not counting too much on her parents.

Besides appealing in Growing Up Hip Hop, she also started to work on Tuesday at Heart. She became the strategic consultant of With Love Production. She was the writer of a television series named The People in Black. She had a career credit of being an author and a writer. People can follow her on Instagram @brianalatrise.

27 Feb, 2019