Who is Brian Ross?

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Brian Ross is a famous American figure who has established his name in the field of investigative journalism. He is known for covering government corruption through ABC. In his bio, he is named as one of the best ABC journalists.

Talking about his personal life, Brian Elliot Ross was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 23, 1948. He finished his degree from the University of Iowa School in 1971. He married Lucinda Sanman on May 18, 1985, and has two kids.


Brian Ross Life as a reporter

Immediately after graduation, Ross started his career KWWL-TV, an NBC affiliated television station. He then became a correspondent form 1975 to 1994 for NBC News. While in NBC, He was granted with Sigma Delta Chi Award in 1976 when reported about the corruption about Teamsters and a National Headliner Award in 1977. In 1994, after leaving NBC, the journalist started working for ABC News.

He worked on various programs in the station. Ross and the investigative team reported about the attack of World Trade Center and Pentagon. He also covered the investigation of nuclear smuggling. For over two decades, Ross had covered reports that usually awaken the nation's curiosity. This also includes the coverage on the murder of the Peace Corps volunteer which lasted over 10 months together with co-reporter Anna Schecter. They have received the George Polk Award for it in 2011. Ross continued covering reports and career was smooth.


Was Ross Fired or Suspended?

Ross in late 2017, made an incorrect report that Donald Trump directed Michael Flynn to contact the Russian officials while he was still a candidate. The error was corrected by ABC the following day on air and on twitter said that Trump only directed Flynn when he was already the president-elect.

Flynn was the national security adviser. This erroneous report burst criticism from the citizen and caused the declined of the stock market by 350 points. Because of this President Trump suggested for Ross to be fired as the mistake badly hurt the economy. The network, however, gave Ross four weeks suspension, without pay. The President was happy with it and congratulated ABC news for exposing Brian Ross for an inaccurate report on Russia Witch Hunt.


Where is Ross Right now? What is current sources of Net worth?


There is indeed rainbow after the rain, Brian Ross landed to a new job after a stormy phase of his career. He signed a deal with Law and Crime Network. The network covers 24/7 trials and crimes. He is now its Chief investigative reporter and hosts the program “Brian Ross Investigates” and air weekly.

Ross has been successful in his field. Unlike most of the famous figures in America, Ross has never disclosed his salary or his average net worth. But with his career, it is safe to assume that he is earning millions.

17 Nov, 2018