Brandi Glanville

In keeping with the rich traditions of American television personalities, we have Brandi Glanville who has been able to make a big mark in her career. She was born on November 16, 1972 and in the last 45 years she has been able to leave her impression behind as a highly talented, good looking and attractive TV personality. Brandi also was a model and also has penned a few books as an author.

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Hence, when her biography is written, there are reasons to believe that it will be colorful and there will quite a fee interesting things about her life and achievements. She has many titles in the small screen to her name but her performance as a cast member of the famous The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills television reality show has certainly made Glanville hugely popular in more ways than one. Let us try and find out more about her in the next few lines.

Early Life

This famous TV personality was born in Salinas California. She was brought up in Sacramento, California. Brandi is the daughter of Guy Glanville and Judith. His father used to grow weed and as she grew up she used to sell the same. She did it with her other siblings and was often accused of blackmailing her father for money because of the business he was into. Brandi moved to Paris at the young age of 16 and got into modeling. She worked for quite some time in Europe apart from some stints in New York and Los Angeles. She was extremely good looking and attractive and it was no surprise that she got herself on the covers of Cosmopolitan and other such magazines.

Personal Life

Brandi got married to actor Eddie Cibrian and the marriage took place on May 12, 2001. She has two children out of this marriage and both are sons. They are named Jake Austin and Mason Edward. However, her personal life had a change when she divorced Cibrian in 2010. Since then she is believed to be single.

Net Worth

Brandi has a modest net worth of around $1 million and this is quite low when compared to other reality housewives with whom she has performed.


Talking about her career Brandi Glenville was catapulted into the big league because of the reality show The Real Housewives Of Beverley Hills which ran from 2011 to 2015. Since then, she has appeared in many such series and episodes and they are five in number. Her last one was the title by the name Celebrity Big Brother which got released in 2017.

She also acted in a few films starting with a title by the name 90210 and the last one was Sharknado, the 4th awakens which was released in 2016. Glenville played the role of Tech Whitley and it did receive quite a bit of attention and even critical acclaim. Hence it would not be wrong to mention that this famous and highly attractive TV personality has quite a bit of career left ahead of her.

01 Feb, 2018