Brad Williams

Brad Williams is a famous cricketer in Australia. He is renowned for his talents and batting skills as a cricketer.

Brad Williams was born in the year 1974 on November 20th. Williams loved to play cricket from an early age. His father was also a cricket enthusiast and he took the initial training of playing cricket from his father. He visited one of the best high schools in the town. He was a very good student and also participated in the cricket team of his high school. He was a right-arm fast bowler and was known for his bowling speed in the group.

After he completed his high school education, he started concentrating more into his career. At the age of 19, he made his first debut. In the season 1994, he made his first debut for Victoria. He achieved much fame after this game. He appeared in many domestic matches which helped him to build up his national career. For various series, he kept up his performance level very high. This paved the path for him to play at the national level.

In the 1999-2000 series, he earned 50 wickets which helped him to achieve a place in the Australian team. His first international debut was in the year 2002, against the team of New Zealand. In the year 2004, he appeared against Zimbabwe for his final match. He played 25 ODI matches altogether in his career as a cricketer. Though he performed really well in the ODI matches, he failed to show his charm in the test matches. He managed to play only four test matches in his career.

In his cricket career, Williams had to face many physical injuries due to which his career lagged behind. He has got several injuries in shoulder, knee and back which prevented him from achieving the desired success. This discouraged him and he also went through a depression period. He fought the depression and did a comeback when he started playing for the English County Cricket. Though he was called for a replacement position, he was kept for a longer time in the team due to his excellent performance. After that, he joined the Warriors team and played against Tasmania in the year 2005.

He was dropped out of the team with a suspension letter leading to some controversy. He remained suspended from the team for the next few series. Due to this suspension, he has remained in leave for several days when he concentrated only on himself. He took some body building training and sharpened his skills. Nowadays, he is concentrating on painting. He has also recovered from his depression in these days. In a recent interview, he has also mentioned that how everything is falling in the places which he never thought of. He is now residing in the Queensland’s Gold Coast and is following his passion as a painter.