Bonnie was born on 8 November 1949. She was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio and she was born in California in the United States of America. The name of her father is John Raitt and her father is a famous American actor. He also worked as a singer and he is quite popular among his audience. The name of Bonnie’s mother is Marjorie Haydock.

It is known that Bonnie’s wife was a well-known piano player. Bonnie also had two siblings and both were her brothers the name of her brothers is David Raitt and Steven Raitt. It is known that Bonnie started playing guitar at a very young age and this shaped her career. As per the records, Bonnie’s parents had their roots in Scotland. She completed her education at Oakwood Friends School and she later went to Radcliffe College. It is known that while she was in college, she took a long break and this break changed her life as she made her career in music after the same.

Bonnie basically started her career in 1970 and she also worked as a reporter during the early stages of her career. In 1971, Bonnie released her first album and that was basically a turning point for her. Later in 1977, Bonnie released Sweet Forgiveness and the album because really popular. It is known that she was working with Warner Brother and she later left working with them as she wanted more independence. She worked in about 17 albums until now.

In 1991, Bonnie got married to Michael O’Keefe and it is known that her relationship with her husband didn’t last long. Bonnie didn’t have any children from the marriage and in 1999 she broke the news of her divorce. She informed her fans that she is getting divorced because she is willing to focus on her career and because of that she is unable to give time to her husband and family.

It is also known that Bonnie was involved with substance abuse and she had been alcoholic. She had to go through several therapies to get over the addiction and in 1989, she was able to leave behind her past. She was no more an alcoholic and she was now not depended on drugs. It is known that Bonnie had been really determined and she always achieved what she wanted.

As per the information, Bonnie had also been involved with several social welfare causes and it is known that she helped the south Asian countries in 2004 when they were hit by the tsunami. She made huge donations. As per the information, Bonnie also opposed nuclear power and she had been a part of No Nukes Group. She supported these causes and gathered a lot of support on twitter.4

The exact annual salary of this singer and musician is not known but as per some reports, she is known to be one of the highest paid singers in the world. Her net worth is estimated to be 12 Million American Dollars.