Bobby Moynihan

Bobby Moynihan is a well known comedy actor in Hollywood and has appeared in many Hollywood TV series and various other Hollywood movie flicks. His famous roles on Saturday Night live include his role as Mark Payne, Vinny Vedecci Junior, Liam and many more. Bobby Moynihan has got an average personality, with a height of 5 feet and 8 inches and a weight of 230 pounds.
Personal life

He was born in a middle class family on January 31st, in city of Eastchester, which is in New York. His father's name was Robert Moynihan senior and his mother's name was Julie Moynihan. He was interested in acting from a very young age. He also liked to play baseball. He was a good stand up comedian in his high school.

He states in an interview that he liked to entertain people and has never felt ashamed of doing that. He completed his high school from Eastchester High School and completed his graduation from University of Connecticut. His current age is 40. His favourite hobby was to read comic books. He even invited many famous comic writers to his TV series ‘Saturday night live’.

Bobby Moynihan, during his graduation days joined the theatre, and performed various roles there. His work was quite appreciated. He used to perform with famous Derrick comedy group, who used to upload many online videos on the internet. He is happily married to his long time girlfriend Brynn O'malley, who is also a well known actress.

She is known for his work in movies such as the Mysteries of Laura, Royl Pains and the Big C. They do not share much of their married life with the media. They married on 8th August in 2016. Currently, they are expecting a baby child. Nothing much is known about their married life, except that they love each other and are living happily.


In his earlier days, he used to appear in various comedy roles in theatres. He got his first break in a internet series, ‘the Line’. His role in this comedy series was well appreciated. He then played a comedy role in the TV show Saturday night live. He was a part of Saturday Night live for consecutive 9 years. His role on this TV series is his most famous acting work, till now.

He recently left the TV show ‘Saturday Night live’ and it was a trending topic on social media for a very long time. He has also worked in many Hollywood movies such as Economics 101, when in Rome, Monsters University, Grown Ups 2, Annie, Ted 2, Underdogs, the Book of Henry, Killing Gunther and many more.

He has also worked in many TV series other than Saturday Night live such as Girls, Ugly Americans, Happy Endings, Sesame Street, the Awesomes, Playing House and many more. He has also appeared many times in Conan O'brien show. He has also given his voice in famous animated series the Simpsons and in the TV series We Bare Bears.

His net worth is us dollar one million. He earned it by acting, writing and producing some TV series. His fans can follow him on instagram and twitter. His username on instagram is bibbymoynihan. His username on twitter is also bibbymoynihan.