Bob was born on 18 August 1961. He was born under the zodiac sign of Leo and as per the information available, his full name is Robert Warren Woodruff. Bob was born in Bloomfield Hills in Michigan in the United States of America. The name of Bob’s father is known to be Robert Norman Woodruff Junior and the name of Bob’s mother is known as Frances Ann Dawson. It is known that his parents worked as a real estate agent and most of his childhood was spent in Michigan with his parents.

He completed his education at Cranbrook Kingswood School in the same area as he grew up and later in 1983, Bob started studying at Colgate University in the New York City. As per the records, Bob later went to University of Michigan Law School and he started studying there in 1982. Some source suggests that Bob is also an alumni of Theta Chi Fraternity. It is also known that Bob has three siblings and three of them are known to be his brothers. The name of his brothers is Mike Woodruff, Dave Woodruff, and Jim Woodruff.

Talking about his career, Bob started working as soon as he completing his education. His first employer is known as Shearman and Sterling and he worked in New York City. It is also known that Bob taught the subjects of Law in Chine and later in 1989, Bob was hired by CBS. He got a job of an interpreter during some protest. He fell in love with his new job and that made him change his career. This was a major turning point in his career as he started to work as a correspondent after this.

In 1996 it was reported that Bob joined ABC News and later in 2006, Bob covered several incidents in Iraq. It was during one such coverage when he received an injury. The cause of injury was known to be a roadside bomb which detonated near him. Because of the injury, Bob had to undergo a couple of surgeries as he received major wounds because of the shrapnel. A portion of his skull was also removed. It took several months for Bob to completely recover. He later joined back work and it was reported that he also laid the foundation of Bob Woodruff Foundation later.

Later in 1988, Bob decided to get married and he chooses Lee Woodruff as his wife. It is known that Bob and Lee completed their education from Colgate University and that is where they met. After the marriage, Bob’s wife gave birth to four children. Three out of these four were Bob’s daughter and one was a son. The name of Bob’s daughter is Nora Woodruff, Claire Woodruff, and Cathryn Woodruff. Mack Robert Woodruff is Bob’s son. The total annual salary of this actor is not known as there is no information available on public domain but his net worth is estimated to be 4 Million American Dollars.