Billy Bretherton

Billy Bretherton is a pest control expert and reality television personality who is well known for his own show called Billy The Exterminator. The reality television series follows the professional life of Billy Bretherton and his beloved brother, Ricky.


Billy Bretherton was born in 1968. Just after he was born, Billy’s parents decided to part from each other which affected him emotionally. When he was just seven years old, he had to witness the hard reality of life. He had to move away from his father with his mother. He was very fond of his father so it became hard for him to live without his father. He became very lonely and started suffering from depression. His mother also had to work outside so there was absolutely no one who would take care of him. His academic performance also suffered with time and he dropped out from his high school.

As he grew up, he started communicating with people a lot more which helped him come out of his depression. He got a fresh start and achieved a Bachelor's Degree from a university.

In an interview with Bullz Eye, Billy was asked he first got involved with the pest control industry, “I went into the Air Force to be a cop, but the ASVAB test determined that my natural aptitude was in biology. So they put me in the field of entomology, and since I was trained in that, that’s the work I’ve been doing for the last 23 years. When my dad retired, we were living in New Jersey. He invested his retirement money into me and Ricky, and we opened up a pest control company in Louisiana. And, once again, the rest is history. “

He started his professional television career as a host. He is a very creative person and always tried to entertain the audience with his innovative talents. His show has been popular for many years and it reached over six seasons. There were over a hundred episodes that aired on the show.

Military Experience

Billy joined the United States Air force at the age of 19. Though he wanted to be in law enforcement, he was sent to study entomology and biology, which he disliked a lot. He had no interest in studying such subjects and wanted to pursue law instead.

Billy had a good time in the military but it is not something he would go back to as he explained to Bullz Eye, “No, I did well in the military and learned a lot of stuff, but I’m just not a…I’m too free of a spirit. I don’t do well in classrooms or anything that’s organized like that. It’s just not my cup of tea. I did very bad in school. It was the worst learning environment for me, because I’m a very social thinker. A lot of people are kind of inward micro-thinkers. They think about themselves and their viewpoint of the world always stems from themselves as the primary. I never really thought like that, so I was always tripped out in large crowds.  Like, I don’t like going to ballgames and stuff, because I always feel like, “If a riot broke out, I’m trapped!”


Extermination Career

Billy’s extermination career started in the Nellis Air Force Base of Las Vegas. The members of his family like his brother and parents do appear on his program, Billy The Exterminator. When they appeared on the show, they said that they are very proud of him. The ex wife of his brother left in the first season of the show. In the show, he talks about how to deal with the pests and possible diseases or illness that comes from them. He has acquired a lot of knowledge regarding these subjects that come up in the pest control industry.

He is also carrying out some research work that deals with pests. He also runs a company known as Vexcon.

Marriage Troubles With Mary

When he was at the peak of his career, he fell in love with a woman Mary Bretherton. In 2012, he and his wife were arrested for possessing marijuana. However they were found not guilty and released without much trouble. According to media reports, Billy and Mary’s marriage became rocky after the arrest. When they were found to be not guilty, they were released and were referred to a rehabilitation center to get rid of their marijuana addiction.

Billy Bretherton’s only public troubling incident with the law was because of his marijuana arrest. There were no other crisis in their lives other than the fact that they were addicted to marijuana. He tested positive for the synthetic type of the marijuana and the results of the test were positive for the device that tested narcotics. Even though he tested positive, the court still decided to let him go because it wasn’t that big of a deal.

It was reported that the cops were fighting with his wife on the show and she was also brutally tortured by their marriage. They were often seen fighting during the TV show but fans did not know if it was all an act to increase ratings.  According to the rumors, Mary neglected to inform Billy of her pregnancy. It turned out that Mary was not actually pregnant and the rumor was completely false. Billy was so angry about the rumor that he forced Mary to resign. This one fight about the pregnancy proved to be the beginning of a series of conflicts, fights and problems that soon led to a rumored divorce. There were too many problems going on for them to be considered a happy and perfect couple.

Personal Life

Billy has a high net worth which is around 500 thousand dollars. He has made his wealth from being an expert in the Animal and Pest control and currently resides in Louisiana. He is a multitalented personality and was also in US Air Force where he held the position of a Sergeant. He also appeared on the famous show Dirty Jobs together with Mike Rowe which was a memorable experience for him.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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