Ben Tankard

Ben Tankard is a world famous jazz artist, who is known to be the Godfather of the genre Gospel Jazz who has sold over a million copies of his originally written songs and music. He is a retired professional player of basketball and he is also known for his writings as an author.

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Personal Life

Ben Tankard took birth on the beach of Daytona situated in Florida on the date 10th January 1964 and was given the name Benjamin Tankard. He is an African-American. He has always been inclined and motivated to play jazz music and he played it in his native church on the piano during his childhood. Due to his height of 6 feet and 6 inches, he enrolled his name to play basketball and with time he became an official part of the US team on a national level where he played professionally for many years but he retired from the team after he received an injury in the knee during one of the games.

After dating Jewel LaGreen for a while, he got married to her on the date 27th January, 2000 and has been together with her since that day in a very healthy and loving marriage. She stayed with him in all his hardships and success and they share 5 beautiful children together. He often talks about the unity of his family and how he considers them above all. Tankard has an immense love for planes and he learned to pilot a plane just to achieve his dream to fly and now he reaches to all his concerts and events by piloting his own plane. He is a very spiritual person and believes in reaching to God through music.


After Bill Tankard left the basketball team, he decided to pursue his career in the field of music as he loved playing different instruments like piano and keyboard and he was good at it even, without any training. He initiated his own record label independently with Yolanda Adams in the year 1990 and composed uncountable symphonies with him in different genres of jazz and pop. Bill named the company Tribute Records and he still owns it from the last twenty five years.

He has produced more than 15 albums till now, all containing solo as well as combined compositions which has earned him great following and appreciation along with many awards like Stellar Awards and many nominations in Grammy Awards. Ben is considered as golden record label maker and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in the year 2011 for musical excellence.

He has hosted many speeches in the National Basketball Association (NBA) to inspire and help out young people taking up basketball as a profession sharing his journey experiences. Tankard’s family had been selected in the year 2013 by the Bravo network to broadcast their lifestyle and their journey including all his achievements and how he reached where he was. They have produced 3 seasons till now where his work is depicted along with his spiritual inclination and his love for his family. He has authored books too, giving out his wisdom in the world. His net worth in the year 2017 is estimated to be around 12 million US dollars.

17 Feb, 2018