Barbara Rhoades

Barbara Rhoades is a popular actress from America. She is known worldwide for her acting skills and talents.

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Personal life

Barbara Rhoades was born in the year 1946 on March 23rd. She was born in Poughkeepsie, New York to her American parents. She holds an American nationality. She grew up with her two siblings and cousins. Barabara belonged from a very reputed and well to do family background. Her grandfather, father and uncle held a respected position in the business industry of the country and was always on the news.

Though most of her family members were popular, none of them have achieved popularity through the glamour industry. She grew up with her two siblings and many cousins. Barbara’s family was very strict and conservative. None of the children were sent to co-ed schools and every vital decision was taken by the elders of the family.

Unlike other family members, Barbara had a keen interest towards the glamour industry from early childhood. Barbara’s interest towards the fashion industry was strongly disliked by her parents. They wanted her to concentrate in her studies. As a student, Barbara was average and never scored excellent grades like her cousins and siblings. She could never fulfil the high expectations of her parents.

Barbara’s parents could never understand what she wanted and always forced their emotions on her which distanced her from her parents. Barbara’s cultural excellence was absolutely overlooked by her family members but she never gave up on her dreams. She did regular drama classes after her school schedule and even participated in her school events. Though Barbara wanted to start her theatre journey earlier, in her high school, her parents did not allow. So after completing her high school education, she started doing theatre performances. Barbara’s appearance in some of the major theatre plays earned her popularity.


Barbara dreamt of building up her career with her acting skills. Within three years, her fame as a theatre actor was huge. During that time, she was also approached for modelling but she did not respond to it. She wanted to mould herself and her skills for the acting industry. She gave several auditions for many roles but nothing was working out. The lady had to struggle a lot before establishing herself as a successful actress.

Barbara Rhoades  has appeared in several supporting roles in many films. Barbara’s major roles were confined to mystery and comedy roles. After two years, she got her breakthrough role in the film The Shakiest Gun in the West. She also received several appreciations for her role. This film was a turning point in her career.

According to her biography, she was also seen in many television series which include American Style, The Odd Couple, It Takes a Thief, Columbo, Law & Order, The Six Million Dollar Man, Trapper John, McMillan and Wife, Ironside and many more. Barbara’s major film appearances include Up the Sandbox, There Was a Crooked Man and many more. Barbara does not share much about her personal life on any social media and even her exact net worth could not be known.

09 Jan, 2018