Atika Shubert


Atika Shubert is a German journalist associated with CNN. She is expert in both English and Indonesian language. The motivation to choose journalism as a career came from her father. She is married and a responsible mother. She has interviewed Julian Assange and Julian left the interview in between, and that let Atika’s career in sad situation. Atika has travelled a lot in her life to cover stories. Indonesia’s tsunami story was covered by her before anyone else.

Personal life

Shubert is one who believes in keeping their personal life, personal. Nothing is much shared about her personal life. She is Indonesian born with nationality as American. Her birth marked the date 2nd August 1970. This journalist completed her education from Tufts University with majors in Economics. She has a well maintained physical appearance with smartness to grow in life. She completed her graduation in 1991.

Shubert is married and has a son, though she has maintained a secret about whom she is married to and as a reporter sometimes it is important to keep their personal life to themselves. We understand this fact and wish her to stay happy with her family. Despite of her age, she still looks young and beautiful. Her beauty is admired by her fans and supports her in her career.

Net worth

Her net worth is approx $250000, which is all a result of her hard work and efforts. She is passionate about her career and knows how to keep the fame maintained.

Social media

Atika is an active social media user. She uses social sites very often and her fan following is huge. She does not disclose her personal life but stays in touch with her fans.


Atika’s career got a spark in Indonesia, working with CNN. Her news coverage has covered many important topics like news about President Suharto, deployment of Japanese Defense Forces, sixty years of Hiroshima nuclear attack and many more important matters. In 2004, she was the first one to report natural disaster i.e., tsunami in Indonesia. She is expert in both English and Indonesian language and that has helped her, a lot to groom her career.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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