Ashley Manning

Ashley Thompson is mostly known for being the wife of an American footballer Peyton Manning. However, she is more than just a celebrity’s wife. She is an American entrepreneur who is the owner of the “PeyBack Foundation”. She is a realtor and a social worker.

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Personal Life

Ashley Thompson was born to Bill Thompson and Marsha Thompson in Memphis, Tennessee. There are no confirmed stats about her actual birth date, however, it is believed that she was born in 1974. She has two siblings named Will and Leigh. Her biography sheds the light on her work and achievements as an entrepreneur. She is the wife of an American football player Peyton Manning and mostly known as Ashley Thompson Manning.

She is very successful and active in her field, she holds her own identity as a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. She was a brilliant student and took part in different cultural & social activities and charity campaigns during school time. She is well educated and holds a degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Virginia.

She is happily married to Peyton Manning. Their relationship goes way back to college time. They got married on 17th March 2001. They welcomed 2 children, a son and a daughter, who are twins on 31st March 2011. They decided to name their daughter Mosley Thompson Manning and named their son Marshall Williams Manning. Peyton and Ashley are in a committed relationship since their marriage. She and her husband were once accused of using the drugs and the case is still open. She is living a happy life with her husband and children. She has never gone through a divorce.


Ashley has been involved in charity works and social events since her school days. It influenced her career path. She graduated in 1997 and got a degree in Finance and Marketing. She went on to build her career in real estate.

She used to work in a social charity program in her school days to build and repair the houses in the residential area and that influenced her future. She owns a foundation named “PeyBack Foundation”. Her foundation is working for young people and providing them with opportunities. She is also a realtor and owns a development company which works for the development of the residential properties. Her net worth is not known yet, but she must worth a lot as she is a successful entrepreneur. There is no record of any awards she might have won.

01 Nov, 2018