Arthur Wahlberg

Arthur Wahlberg is a very popular television actor. He is very famous worldwide for his major television roles and acting skills.

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Arthur Wahlberg grew up in London. We could not know about his exact date as there is no information given in his biography. He grew up in Dorchester, Boston, in Massachusetts. He grew up with his nine siblings and was the sixth child of his parents. Arthur’s father has been in many relationships including marital relations from which he has many children. Arthur is the second son from his father’s last marriage. His mother never distinguished between any of the children and treated every child similarly.

Arthur was also very close to his siblings and shared a very strong bond with them. He did not get the chance to spend much time with his parents as they remained busy. Arthur’s father was a delivery driver and his mother worked in retail shop. He belonged from a very lower middle class family. However, he was a bit different from his siblings or his friends of the same age. Arthur’s aspirations were always high and he greatly disliked the fact how he could not enjoy certain pleasures of life, which his friends did. He wanted to achieve success in life from a very early age.

When Arthur was only eight years old, his parents separated leading to a misunderstanding. Arthur decided to stay back with his father because he shared a close bond with his siblings. Arthur’s father could not afford the expense of education for all his children so only six of his children went to school. Other children did some household tasks and part time jobs to support the family expenses.

However, Arthur had a distanced relation with her father. He also disliked the fact that he could not introduce his father to his friends because of his job. Arthur always wanted to lead a luxurious lifestyle and blamed his father for his inability. Arthur’s academic grades were not the best so he gave up on his hope to pursue a bachelor’s degree.


Arthur trained himself for becoming an actor after finishing his high school graduation. He thought of doing theatres once but his father denied paying fees. So he took up some part time to arrange money for purchasing the costumes of his auditions. He used to work as a librarian and also as an office assistant before getting his first break in the film industry.

Initially, he started his film career with the film 10. He was starred in a major role in this film which fetched him a lot of appreciations. Next, he was seen in the film The Target. This film has been life changing for him and it has taken his popularity to another level. Apart from this, he was also seen in many other movies, which has resulted to his high net worth. Coming to his personal life, there is hardly any information given as he prefers to keep it away from the social media.

09 Jan, 2018